• "Katie Come Donw Here Now!" Katies Mom Yelled Walking toward The Kitchen, But Her Surprise Katie Was Already Down Stairs. "Morning Mother" Katie Said Bitting In To Some Toast. "Uhhh, Yes Good Morning. Your Father Needs To See You Something About A Quest For You." Katies Mother Told Her Poniting Toward The Old Wooden Door. Katie Nodded " I Wounder What It Is This Time?" Katie Asked Herself Walking Up Stairs, Once In Her Room Katie Looked Out The Window Her Father Was In The field with a few of her horses.
    Katie slipped Out Of Her Night Clothes And Pulled Out Of Her Closet A Purple Tank Top, Cut Off Shorts (He Mother Hated Them) And Flip Flops. She Brushed Her Curly Blonde Hair Into A Ponytail. She Put Her Clothes On And Ran Outside To Her Father. "Father What Do You Need Me To Do For You?" She Asked, Her Father a very tall man hugged her, and said "I need you to talk Cassie and her foal to the king. Told him that we would give his son a present for his 16th birthday, and I need you to take the foal to his castel. Will you do that for me?" Her father ask, Katie nodded, and ran back inside to grab clothes, and food for her trip.
    When she cam back out of the house Cassie was saddled up and the foal had a halter on her, and was tied to her mother. Jake another horse also was out of the field, Jake was going to carry Katies clothes, and food. Katie hugged her mother, and father before she set out on her new quest. "Now if you take the road that follows the river you can stop there for the night, horses can feed, and get water. Good luck honey," her father said hugging her, then Katie hugged her mother tears in her eyes "Mom I'll be back in a week ok, please try not to cry. I love you," Katie said leaving her mothers hug. She climbed up onto Cassie, her father gave her the rope that held Jake, and Cassie's foal. Katie lightly kicked Cassie to walk. now Katie Thought now I'm alone.
    Night fall came, and Katie lost sight of the river, "No! Wheres the river, better turn around." Katie said to her horses. A low howl came from the woods next to her, Katie knew there were wolves in the woods, but she didn't know if the wolves would come get her or her horses. "Ok lets stop here for tonight I can hear the river so we can walk toward it. Come on Cassie" Katie tapped Cassie again, and walked through the woods. Soon she could see the river. She slide off Cassie, and started to take off her saddle, and bridle. "There it must feel better to have the bit out of your mouth does it?" Katie said petting Cassie's muzzle. Katie walked over to Jake and tied him to a tree close to the water. "Goodnight you guys." Katie said curling up next to Cassie for warmths.
    The low howls came closer, but soon disappered. Katie soon fell alseep, she dreamed about seeing the prince, and what he looked like. Even if Katies family wasn't rich would she be able to merry him? Katie was shaken awake when Cassie shook her head. It was day, Has to be about 8 am Kaite thought, She got up, and ate some dry toast. "Yuke," Katie said as Katie got up she took Cassie, and her foal to the river for a drink. The Katie put the Bags on Cassie this time. "Sorry Cassie Father said to switch you, and Jake." Katie said stroking Cassie. She walked over toward Jake, and started saddling him up. "Ok, lets get going guys." Katie said climbing onto Jake, she kicked him lightly, and started on the path that lead them to the castel.
    Days passed nothing seemed to be going on, but danger was closer then Katie knew. "Almost there I can see part of the castel wall guys, but it'll be another day." Katie said walking next to the foal. Night came fast "Umm ok lets stop here for tonight," Katie said untacking both horse, and taking them to the river to get water. Katie left them there so they could eat the grass that was growing. Katie could finally go home, and sleep in her own bed. A growl came from the direction the road was in. "Hello? Whos there?" Katie asked into the night, the only thing to reply was evil laughter. "What do you want? Who are you? Come out please?" Katie said trying to hold her fear in her throat.
    A figure steped into veiw Katie let out a yelp. It was a tall, black haired boy, had to be her age or younger. Katie moved back into a tree as the figure walked closer, the figure was growling. "Who... Who are you?" Katie asked the boy. "Sorry for the scare I'm DeVonte." The boy said, Katie slowly got up, but she would leave the tree. "Why were you growling?" she asked, DeVonte laughed "Sorry you smell soo good, and I haven't fed in awhile." DeVonte walked closer to Katie, "Wait... your a... a Vampire?! I thought vampires weren't real." She said letting her fear show. DeVonte laughed again "Most people think that." He said. "My kind try to keep it a secret. Lovely girl you are why are you out here by yourself?"He asked.
    "I'm bring a foal to the prince for his 16th birthday," Katie said, DeVonte Smiled "Awww don't worry all I want for my birthday is you, not the foal. Keep her," he said. "Wait you're the prince?!" Katie said in shock, he nodded. Katie slowly fell back against the tree. He's a vampire. and the prince. Wow "Sorry but I just got soo confused. So that makes you a Vampire Prince?"
    She asked "Yes it does, Sorry to confuse you, and also sorry for what I'm about to do to you." DeVonte started to walk closer to her, his fangs showed in his smile. Katie couldn't stop stareing at him, "I... I want to become a vampire. It sounds crazy but I dream about it" Katie sounded crazy but DeVonte Smiled "Really? I could make your dream come true, just suck my blood tonight, and your mine forever." he said before he kissed Katie's lips. He slowly moved his lips to her thoart "When I tell you to bite my thoart and suck my blood, you'll be my Vampire Princess." DeVonte said biting Katie's neck. Kaite let out a cry in pain but she started to feel light headed.
    Minutes passes and finally DeVonte's head came up "Now Katie bite my thoart," he said, Katie lowered her head to his thoart, she could keep her head up "Katie? Hurry suck my blood before its to late." Katie bit his thoart warm blood started rushing down her thoart. "Ok Katie thats enough," DeVonte Said pulling her back. Katie went limp in his arms.