• “Hello there my names Jeffrey (or Jeff for short) and I will be here to tell you the story that happened to me just about four summers ago. You see I wasn’t the coolest kid at Lakewood High, but I wasn’t exactly a ’nerd’ either so let’s just say I was a normal kid trying to find his place where he fit in best.

    I only had one “crush” all through out grade school, middle school, junior high, and now high school. I have been in all her classes and she hasn’t even noticed me and if she did she hasn’t cared but that was all about to change and no one knew it yet but I don’t want to rush the story. My crush’s name was Sarah… Sarah Bennet. She was the coolest person in school (even cooler than all the other guys and girls) Sarah was head cheerleader, and also class president and everyone knows that to be class president you have to be really smart and that she was.

    Sorry, I got a little carried away there. But as you can see that is why it was nothing more than just a crush. She loved to be a part of the show while me… while lets just say I was all the way in the back or just didn’t bother going so she was definitely out of my league (or so I thought). Sorry I keep getting ahead of myself. Now we will move on with the story.

    I got picked on A LOT by the varsity football team (a.k.a Sarah‘s little group of suck ups… er… I mean followers) and it really annoyed me. Especially that one time they threw my lunch in the dumpster and then made me go in there to go get it and that’s not even the worst part the next part is really gross but I guess you’ll find out eventually but they made me eat it! (gag) Uh it gives me chills just with a flashback about thinking of that horrid ‘incident.’

    But aww man was I delighted the day my parents told me we would be moving to California but then I realized that it would mean good-bye to Sarah forever. My heart was crushed(it‘s amazing she never has even looked my way and yet I will miss her greatly) but the rest of me was happy because that meant no more pain! Then when I got my head straight I started thinking about the new school, something horrible popped into my mind what if the kids at my new school will be worse then the kids now at my school. So that’s when I was determined tomorrow I would go to the Library to do some research on my new high school (Sagebrush High).

    I went down to the Library that Sunday to see what information I could find on Sagebrush. I was excited wondering what I would fin out that was until I opened the door to our huge Library because standing right smack in the middle of the Library and a huge crowd of people surrounding her was yes. You guessed it, it was Sarah (told you she had brains). Of course though that meant the football JERKS would be following her around well like followers. I wanted to leave but then I thought I’ll be leaving soon anyway and what more could they do to me so there I was trying to sneak all the way to the VERY BACK of the Library where the computers were located and I bet that if anyone saw me I looked like a complete idiot because every noise I heard I would dive into the next row of books thinking it was THEM. It was extremely difficult though trying not to make a sound when there was no sound to drown me out in case I did I swear it was one of those times where if you dropped a pin everyone would stare at you as if you just screamed at the top of your lungs or if you set off an atomic bomb.

    When I got to the back I looked up a lot of information on Sagebrush and there was more information then I could read and Sagebrush looked really nice so my decision was settled and I was going to Sagebrush. Then I sneaked back to the very front of the Library (again looking insane.) Then I ran home like there was no time to waste to tell me my decision and they were thrilled because they really didn’t want to home school me and I felt pleased with my answer until I found out sagebrush was an all boys boarding school you think I would have seen that somewhere in my research and now there was no way I could talk my way out of this one.

    About a week and a half later we packed up everything and left Vermont and we were on our way to California forever. Moving days were usually sad but since I didn’t have any friends I wasn’t all that sad on moving day but I was just a bit sad still because of Sarah. Wow I’m very pathetic crying over a girl that’s never even thought of me and never will for her life will go on and for me well… I hope I can recover from this.

    When we arrived to our huge four story house first thing was first we unpacked yes, I know, boring, but when I was done by unpacking the things I wouldn’t take with me to boarding school and leaving my necessities unpacked for tomorrow I went looking around and found this door on the ceiling of my room I figured it was a attic. So I tried the handle and it turns out the mini door thingy was locked. That’s when I started my expedition for the key on the fourth floor my mom called me to dinner and I hit my head on the tall dresser and fell on the floor and I don’t remember anything after that I guess I hit my head pretty hard other wise I wouldn’t have been unconscious for about ten hours so when I woke it was about 8:00 am (mom says its good luck that I woke up in time for school but with my bad luck with school I think it’s the exact opposite) and time to go get everything in my dorm get to class and worry about everything else later.

    When I walked into my first period class which unfortunately is biology… my worst class and Sarah’s best subject but I don’t understand it I’m at a new school hundreds of thousands miles away from her and yet she still is the main thing I think about. I will think of better things other then someone who never even knew I existed oh I almost forgot to tell you about the lobby where everyone hangs out there’s so much stuff like a 60 inch plasma screen tv, every game system (even ones that aren‘t available yet) and 6 whole walls full of movies, video games, books, etc… the kids here though act a little strange. More like they all should be seniors at college not high school they are all just freakily smart it makes me feel completely stupid just sitting next to one of them.

    None of them were ‘cool’ but they weren’t ‘nerds’ they were kind of freaky looking and some of them looked gothic and kind of paranoid too. It was just something about them that was… different and I couldn’t figure out what it was… at least not yet anyway.

    After I (kind of) got over my strange feeling about the students I went to go looking for my dorm room and I really wish I had brought my map with me because since the place is huge and all I kind of got lost but after 61/2 hours of looking for my dorm I finally found it I got all my stuff unpacked and put my comforter on and went to bed for the day.

    It turns out that after my first week at Sagebrush (without getting lost again) is that thankfully I’m no longer the “newbie” anymore. A kid moved from Georgia and seems kind of nice, and cool so who knows maybe I will so who knows maybe I will finally have a friend.

    You know how earlier I was talking about attics well you see there’s one in MY dorm and in the bathroom of al places! I haven’t noticed it before now because who stares at the ceiling all the time because I sure don’t! today I got over my whole shyness thing and decided to talk to the new kid and he still seems pretty cool and me and him have been hanging out lately his name is Jacob Laird. Later I went looking for the key to the attic in my room and found it, it was located under my mattress (you think I would have found it when I put my comforter on).

    So when I was just about to unlock the attic the bell to turn out the lights and go to bed went off and the timing was incredible. Today school was boring as usual but I was getting very anxious to get out so I could go to my dorm and unlock the attic. Right now the only thing in my way was 12th period my “informative class” which was only about a half hour long because all the teacher does is tell you what would be going on in the school and let me tell you for once in my 3 weeks of being at this school I was actually happy in class.

    You’ll never guess the great news… Sagebrush is now allowing girls to come to the school! That’s not even the best part the girls will be coming this weekend and today was Friday I was so excited I jumped out of my seat jumping happily and everyone stared at me as if I was the freak at this school. I got so excited I almost forgot about my mission… almost. The strangest thing happened when I was walking out of 12th period my roommate Tyler Green (one of the normal few people at this school… or he seemed that way) wanted to talk to me and we have never even talked since I’ve been here but he was acting kind of suspicious then he asked if I would like to go to McAdams room (he was also normal and lucky enough to have a room all to himself) and so I accepted maybe it would be good for me. Well the party ended at about 2:30 in the morning and I was wondering when we were in the hallways the guards weren’t out there but then I remembered that they stop going out in the hallway at about midnight because they think that no one is stupid enough to go out of their dorms after that time but if a security camera was on they will rethink that after tonight er I mean this morning.

    When I woke up about 6 hours later it was 9 o clock and I hurried up and got ready I ran down stairs to see if any of the girls have arrived yet and then I saw a familiar car outside but I thought it was just déjà vu but when that certain person opened the door and walked in I nearly fainted it was Sarah Bennet and what happened next I thought I was dreaming she walked over to where I was and said: “Hey, Jeffrey this is where you’ve gone to I was wondering where you went because I haven’t been seeing you lately” and there I was standing like an idiot with my jaw hanging open and here I was thinking she never knew I existed and it sounded like she missed me so I finally got myself together and replied: “Yeah this is where I’ve been welcome to Sagebrush Sarah would you like me to give you a tour?”
    But her response was shocking I thought she would be like “heck no you freak!” or “I would rather die” instead though she said “I would love that.”

    So there we were walking around the school me giving her little facts from the little bit I knew but I kept getting distracted on the way her beautiful golden hair looked in the sun and the way her eyes twinkled when she smiled but then we bumped into someone I really wish we didn’t the biggest nerd of all Josh Whatshisface (that’s not really his last name I just have no clue what it is). And he tried to take Sarah from me but Sarah wouldn’t allow it and for that I was thankful. Sarah told me that “She has liked me for a long time on how she loves my black hair and baby green eyes“(even though I think I look like some dork) “and that she’s liked me for a long time but when she tried to tell her friends or someone they would just laugh at her so that was why she would ignore me and act like I wasn’t there and she said she really hated that and that is was fate that brought her here at this school with me.” And after she told me that… I fainted.

    When I got up I was ion this room and everything was dark and that’s when I thought I had died but then I heard Sarah’s voice talking to someone and that other someone turned on the light and who ever it was I totally hate them for that. I was surprised though that Sarah was there I could’ve sworn it was a dream but the person that was the hottest girl I have ever seen she made Sarah look ugly.(No lie). She had a real pretty light brown hair with golden eyes and had skin like an angel she just glowed. Then Sarah probably caught me staring at the gorgeous girl and introduced her she said her name was Morgan Escelante and she was from Florida.

    It was right then and there I realized I had to make my decision but before any of that I had to go do what I was meant to do and that was opening the attic. So I excused myself from the beautiful girls’ room and half way ran to mine and luckily no one was there not even Tyler. So taking advantage of the moment I got the key opened the attic and then a ladder fell out of it and so more curious then ever I went up it and when I went up there was a little passageway. I followed it and it was locked too so I got the key in my hand and that door was unlocked ny the same key and now I really wish I hadn’t opened that door because was there but what was in his hand? Then I went a little closer not making a sound and it was a knife in his hand. I heard the principal very clearly he was yelling at Tyler and Tyler was begging for something but what was it? That was when I woke up. In the room it was Sarah at the foot of my bed and just her.

    I asked her what happened and she said that I got excited when she told me she liked me and I passed out and that I’ve been out for the rest of the day. I explained to Sarah everything about my dream and the attic and she said she would check it out with me. Then I got the key I got the chair from the computer desk stood up on it opened the attic and surprisingly just like in my dream a ladder fell down. This can’t end well I thought. “Are you sure you haven’t been here before?” Sarah asked me.” No I haven’t but I’m starting to get déjà vu” I replied. Then we continued up the attic and we came up to a door and I just hoped that the part with Tyler and the principal and worse of all… the knife. I also hoped that the key in my hand didn’t open this door because I was starting to chicken out. The Sarah snatched the key from my hand and opened the door and unfortunately it was Tyler strapped to a chair and the principal with that… knife. This time though I could hear everything and at that time I really wished that I couldn’t. Tyler was begging on the verge of crying for the principal not to kill him. But the principal was very upset mentioning something about a key and Tyler said that he put it under my mattress but when he went for it, it was gone and that he figured I already found it.

    Then what happened next it made Sarah’s’ and my braveness quickly leave us and there we were just frozen in the doorway watching my roommate get violently beheaded. That was the part I tried to get Sarah not to scream by putting my hand over her mouth and thank god it worked. Then the next part was strange the principal opened a closet looking door and got Tyler’s’ head and with a pile of … heads and threw it in there that was the part when Sarah screamed and I couldn’t stop her because I was frozen with shock but that went away very quickly and the principal saw us and started coming toward us.

    I helped Sarah get up and we sprinted out the door and I forgot all about the ladder and ended up jumping down without the ladder and apparently Sarah forgot about it too and landed right on top of me. Then I made the biggest mistake of all I turned around and saw the principal going down the ladder following us and taking his time and I literally started dragging Sarah until she finally got enough strength to stand up but then she just stumbled over. Then I didn’t want her to die so I grabbed her and ran through my room door.

    Then I ran into you’ll never guess who… Tyler in the hallway. That’s when I thought I was dead. But it wasn’t Tyler and that explained why all the students here were freakishly smart. Tyler was a skater never cared about school and here he was telling me about biology of all things like he paid attention during class (which he never does). So that means what the principal has heads of students with brains and that makes them very smart but they act just like robots. Sarah and I ran to the front door of the school that was until all the students came out of no where and blocked our way and circled us in and then the principal stepped through the circle but this time he had the knife in his pocket and a remote in his hand and pressed the read button and the freaky smart students grabbed me and Sarah so that we couldn’t escape and they kept moaning for us to join them. I was freaking out but as usual Sarah kept her cool. Then what Sarah did next I totally owe her for. She pretended to faint (this was a time where I was thankful she was smart because she would make plans really quick while I … not so quick and they didn‘t really work well.) She was going to try if her real logic could out smart them and that she did. The other people were pretending to be smart and when Sarah fainted the ’normal’ people got out of the circle to help her and there were a lot of the more then I realized there was. Then they helped us push our way out of there and we all ran through the doors only 17 of us who were the survivors of Sagebrush.

    Now here we are at the beginning of my story ,the present. Now I am in college, Princeton to be precise. Sarah is here too with me. Now Sarah’s little ’followers’ are all at party high schools all over the USA. That’s not even the best part though… me and Sarah have now been dating ever since we both left Sagebrush senior year and are now engaged. Well everything turned out great, except for the poor innocent kids who got tortured at Sagebrush I hope that in the future or now people stop the principal and the principal then gets put in jail. Who knows maybe it already happened.

    Well I got to go now class is about to start. Oh yeah guess what there’s a basement in the library.

    (Please tell me what you guys think ( heart by that i mean PLEASE comment gracias heart ) I really hope you liked it.)