• Chapter 1: The Meeting

    My name is Meadow Perry, and I’m a protector of the world hidden from humanity. My job is to keep order and protect our secret at all costs. My father died not to long ago. He was foolish and almost revealed to the world our secret, all because he fell in love with my human mother. I promised myself I would never make the same mistake when I took his title as the Demonic Knight, but it all changed when I met him. It was like any other night; cold, wet, and raining. The streets were bustling with life. All was well, until the smell of human blood swoop through the air. Human blood? How strange, but where is it coming from? I closed my eyes and concentrated on the scent. There! It’s coming from the alleyway. I quickly strode towards the alley, carefully making sure that no one else saw me go in it. The smell grew stronger, but it began to change…it was no longer human. I hustled down the alley as I pulled out my gun out of my hip holster which I kept hidden behind a long, leather overcoat.
    “I’ll give to the count of three to back away from the body, VAMPIRE.” I held the gun to his temple and emphasized the world vampire.
    “Ah, signora meadow. It’s been a while,” the vampire replied not moving from his meal.
    “Not soon enough, this time I won’t miss,”
    “See that’s were your wrong, the way I see it your out numbered.” He chuckled.
    “Wrong,” I pulled the trigger. He went down, I checked the body. No pulse, that figures. Bite marks, deep ones too. No signs of a struggle. Weird, he’s breathing. OH NO! That’s what he meant. Great just what I need .I grabbed arm and threw him over my shoulder.
    “Can’t leave you here now can I? Too late to take you to the office” I sighed. “Looks like I have no choice.” I looked around. Good on ones here. I jumped into the air, landing on a roof top. It wasn’t to far away from my home. It was just down the street. I leapt towards the other rooftops and repeated the action till I got to my home. It wasn’t too big but it wasn’t too small. The lawn was filled with topiary and flowers that only bloom at night. There was an iron gate surrounded the whole lawn. I strolled up to the front door. I unlocked the door and stumble in the house. The man I carried started to groan.
    “You awake?” I asked.
    “Wh…where am I?” he mumbled. I didn’t answer, just kept walking through the hall. I stopped at an oak door and opened the door. My fingers traced the wall in search of the light switch. When I found it, I flipped it up. The man hissed.
    “What’s your malfunction?” I growled.
    “The light, it hurts my eyes.” I flipped the switch off and laid the man in the bed that resided in the center of the far wall. The sheets were a dark lavender shade. The walls were an off white and the carpet was a beige hue. There was a large window that I covered up with a heavy blanket to block out the sun.
    “You need stay here and rest, I’ll bring by some nourishment and some clean clothes.” I started to leave when a weak hand grasped my arm.
    “Thank you,” I nodded and left the room. How do I get wrapped up in messes like this? Really you think I would learn by now. –Sigh- I shouldn’t even be doing this stress filled job. I continued to walk down the hall and turned a left into the kitchen. I stopped in front of a metal panel in the wall, and dialed in a code to open the panel on a near by keypad. It open and revealed piles of package blood. Being the person I am I always prepared myself for events such as this. I poured the contents in a glass and proceeded to go up stairs. I continued my father’s old room that I didn’t have the time to clean out. I placed the glass on the top of the dresser and rummaged through the various drawers till I found some clothed that might fit my injured guest. Then I grabbed the glass and continued down the hall to room where I left the man.
    “here.” I said in a neutral tone as I handed him the clothes and glass.
    “What’s in the glass?” he asked.
    “Just drink it?” I growled. He nodded and drank the red liquid.
    “I have a question,” he began.
    “I don’t have an answer,”
    “Funny, but no really I want to know what happened to me. I want to know why I’m all of the sudden sensitive to things like; light bulbs and scents.”
    I asked him if remembered anything. He didn’t. I explain the night from where I kicked in and saved his a**. He didn’t believe me. Then I told him what he just drank. He turned pale, well paler that already was.
    “You’re saying that I’m a blood sucking creature of the night?”
    “That sums it up.”
    “Is that why you’re so cold to me?”
    “Yeah, like you snap at me a lot…won’t talk to me either, and if you talk you always growl at me,” he explained.
    “I…didn’t realize, I am most sorry I treated you as such,”
    “No you’re not…I can see it in you eyes. What happened to make you so untrusting with vampire?” I sighed. I told him not to intrude in matters that weren’t his. In other words I told him to shut up and stop being so nosy. At that point my cell rang. I picked it up and pressed ignore.
    “Shouldn’t have answered that?”
    “I told you to…”
    “Shut up and stop being nosy,” he mocked. I glared at the masculine male sleeping in my guest bed as he sat up. “What?”
    “You have free rain of the house, but you are forbidden to go outside.”
    “What am I a prisoner?”
    “Yes, until I inform the order of you existence you’re good as dead out there. Not to mention the suns out and your EXTREMELY FLAMILBLE,” I informed.
    “You can be a real b***h you know?”
    “Why thank you, and sweet day sleep.”