• “Yeah, she is my girlfriend.” Michael said
    “Oh, she’s cute. You’re lucky.” Julian said
    I felt sick to my stomach. I rushed to the old studio and danced until I could feel the blisters bleeding on my toes. That feels so good; it has been at least a week. Then, the thoughts of Michael’s envy came bursting into my head. What would he do? What would he say to Julian? I stopped dancing, just the thought of his rage was killing me, and it put butterflies into my stomach. I remember when he was going out with a Girl named Raven. Oh, just how beautiful she was, her skin…flawless, her eyes…you could drown in them. And when he found out she was cheating on him… I can remember it like yesterday. They were practicing pas de deux, and he was so outraged he dropped her and jumped on her feet. She couldn’t and wouldn’t dance again. Just thinking about that put a shiver down my spine, he was in love with her, as he with me. I grabbed my stuff and ran home. I needed to drown myself in my school work…I think too much when I dance. I was so into my math work, I didn’t realize that Penny came home. I heard something in the back of my stomach telling me to look up. And I did; Penny was looking at me, her face was angry, but she was also crying. I gasped and helped her. I sat her on the couch and I made her fess up. But, what she told me…it put scars on my heart and made me pale as a ghost.
    “I cried so hard! Oh, Julie! I confessed my love to Fakir! Thinking he would jump at the very thought of me saying it. I thought ‘why else would he come every morning?’ that was pure stupidity! He said that he was in love with someone else! Oh Julie! I love him so much!” She cried and sobbed, then looked me in the eyes and said “He told me he is in love with you Julie! How? How do you know how to please every boy? I see them turn their heads when you walk by! How? Please tell me!” I started to shiver. How was I supposed to know what I do? I was a shocked and angry as she was.
    “I don’t know, I think it is self-confidence, before Michael came, I didn’t even think I needed a guy in my life.” I stroked her hair, when she was done crying, a look came on to her face, such a look that scared me.
    She just jumped up and said “I think your right; I will have self-confidence, once I get revenge on you.” And with those words, she ran to her room. The next morning, Penny was gone. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her. But, there were flowers in front of the door. I looked at them; they were orange roses…my favorite. And a note attached with a red rose. It said
    “To my Love, from: Fakir. The room is spinning I can't breathe. How to tell you about this need? Strong and burning and so deep inside. Way down past everything that I try to hide. You get past the memories; the aches and the pain. The times I was left hurting swearing never again! Would I love someone, would I feel this way? Aching and yearning for you to stay. My emotions are raging. I'm losing control. Fighting to hold on yet wanting to fall. To reach out for you; and never regret, the loving and longing. The night that we met. Feeling vulnerable and open my hearts in my hands. Will you accept me and all of my plans? This love that I have and hold here in my heart. For a man so perfect, it was love from the start. Begging and pleading. I am not beyond sending you flowers and chocolates and poems. Say that you love me and that you can see I have what you've longed for
    and your place is with me.”
    I felt a rush of emotion go inside of me. Telling me that I should be flattered that this poem was so well done, and for me. But guilt for Penny might have seen the note and flowers. And anger that he wants me even though I have Michael and that he would hurt Penny so bad. And what was that she said? “Once I get revenge on you.” Just the thought of what that may be hurt me so badly inside. I needed out, why was fate choosing to do this to me?