• When I woke up it felt like I had slept for a week. Not only that, I had been sleeping on my arm the whole time so my arm was asleep. I numbly shook away the needles and rubbed it. My blood was slowly coming back into my arm. Then I remembered my poor condition before I had fallen asleep. I quickly glanced down at my arms and found that they were perfectly fine. There was no medicine eating at way at my flesh and no blood coursing down my wrists making me weaker and weaker by the minute from the blood loss and most of all no pain. I could move!
    I tried to remember the week before through my grogginess to much success:
    Stephen had set me down on the floor, the cold iciness of the linoleum tile flooring feeling good on my feverish skin. I watched without movement as he popped the cork from the flask and poured a thick golden liquid smelling vaguely of clover honey. He rubbed it into my wounds as I whimpered pathetically. Then he wrapped my wound with his shirt with great disgust and picked me up to take me to my room.
    A previous thought popped into my head interrupting my revelation. I quickly searched through my memories to mark where I had been. Before the whole trip for my health had happened I had been planning to escape. There was a gold vase, a tree in a pot, many similar doors of different numbers; patients’ rooms. There was a great oak door, probably the research lab and then a smaller one, Dr. Taylor’s office/study.
    Having recovered my thoughts and observations I had to think about what was on hand. Like the time of day. Was it day or night? What would be my story if I got caught? I decided I wasn’t going to get caught. What kind of hospital, which was in a small rundown town of the population of 187, would have such a high security?
    I got out of the bed flexing my stiff limbs and stiffened. What about the patient on the other side of the curtain? She would obviously hear me. I craned my head through the curtain into her half of the room. She was fast asleep, probably drugged out like I had been. I heaved a sigh of relief and snuck out of the room.
    I looked around the hall of doors. Any one of these could be a secret passage way to the outside world. I bit my lip with uncertainty and then I saw the gold vase. I headed in that direction looking behind me to see if anyone had noticed me. The hall was vacant.
    Then I was in one of the wings of the hospital, three hallways veering off in different directions. E I looked around confused. Where was I supposed to go? There were three halls, all leading off in different directions. Stephen hadn’t gone this way when he had taken her to his father’s office.
    “Hey! What are you doing out of your room!?” A male nurse yelled from the hall behind me.
    He was burly, meant to take on any escapees who dared leave their security-lacking rooms. He was probably strong but if he wanted to pin down one of the higher staged patients they would probably over take him. I smiled to myself as a image seeping into my consciousness.
    He grabbed my wrist and pulled me securely to his chest. “You are going back to your room.”
    I struggled against his grip but he was too strong. He laughed at my pathetic attempts and started to drag me back to my room. Then predatory instincts that were not mine caught on. My mouth clamped down on his hand. The man released me cursing and holding his injured bloodied hand.
    My mind did a double take. I’ll just go straight ahead. I sprinted forward, reminding myself not to look back. Never look back. Looking back always slows you down, giving the pursuer a better advantage. Plus, on scary-movie-date-night, the main characters always make that mistake and have a bloody fate. I shuttered.
    The nurse slowed down to take a breath, reminding me of my condition. I put my hand to my shoulder, my heart racing from the memory. The disease may make my mind melt of all sense, but it gave me stronger lungs. That’s just what I needed. But I was only at the beginning stages so my lungs weren’t as strong as they could be.
    I heard footsteps again. I looked frantically around for a place to hide. When I could find none I pressed my self against the right wall of the hall way hoping the shady corridor would shield my presence. I took a deep breath as the nurse flew by on his pursuit. I dared not move, but my hand brushed something brassy.
    I held my breath and slowly turned the knob and slipped silently into the room. I closed it quickly behind me with a faint click and turned to face the pitch black room. From the depth and shadows I heard a faint growl.

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