• Chapter One
    It was just any ordinary school day, got out of bed at 5:00 in the morning to do my ordinary things to get ready, go to my ordinary bus and take the long ride to school and be late for class because the bus driver is too slow, and...yeah, ordinary day. That is until 6th period that is.
    Science. Even better, space science. I had been in love with space since I was in first grade. And to top it all off, there was a substitute today. I was expecting one of those mean subs who don't even know what they are saying most of the time, but I was in for a surprise.
    I sat next to my friend Katie, which probably wasn't a good idea because she talks...A LOT.
    "Check out the sub! " she told me as I sat down, "He's cute!" At first I thought she was crazy, a teacher...CUTE? I turned my head around and saw him. He was sitting at the teachers desk looking through some papers. Katie was right. He's tall, and thin with short, scragelly brown hair. He had a blue suit on with a red tie. Gosh, who knew a teacher can actually be that good looking!
    The tardy bell rang and the teacher jumped out of his seat. He walked towards the white board and began to write something. I looked down at his shoes. They were red converse! That's so cool, converse with a suit. I don't even know why that's cool!
    He spun around facing the class while popping the cap back on the marker. The word he had written on the board was Stars, "So," he began while leaning on the side of the table tossing the pen in the air and catching it over and over again, "What are stars?"
    "He has a British accent!" I thought,"Cute and British!" I raised my hand hoping he would pick me. He looked around, still throwing the pen in the air,"You, whats your name?"
    "Cerridwen." I answered back, happy he picked me. He walked away from the table.
    "Ooooh, isn't that the name of the Welsh goddess?" he asked
    "Yes." I answered surprised he knew. He put the pen on the teachers desk and walked up to the chair,"That's brilliant!" he exclaimed as he sat down,"Well, lets not get into mythology, this is science. So Cerridwen, what is a star?"
    "Stars are huge, hot, bright balls of gas." I answered clearly. He slapped his hands on the desk as he stood up again, "Correct! Now what is the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram?" he asked me.
    Shonay, a girl who I really despised raised her hand. The teacher looked at her,"No, this question is for Cerridwen to answer." he told her. Shonay rolled her eyes,"No, it's not that sir," she began,"...it's just we haven't got tho that part in the chapter yet. Oh, and my names Shonay."
    "Well Shonay," he answered annoyed,"She may know it, go on Cerridwen."
    I thought for a bit. I remembered reading something on the internet about it,"Um..." Shonay was looking at me like I was some kind of weirdo,"...I think it is a graph that shows the relationship between the surface temperature and absolute magnitude of the star?" I was REALLY hoping that I got it right, to prove Shonay wrong.
    "Brilliant..." the sub said,"...correct!"
    Through out the rest of the class, this mysterious teacher explained to us the facts about stars. Sometimes I couldn't understand him because he was talking so fast. Shonay kept on giving me these evil glares that made me laugh on the inside. She's just jealous that I impressed the cool, cute, science substitute with the adorable British accent.
    The bell rang for next period. Darn! It went by so fast! Katie and I walked up to him,"So, Mr...?" Katie asked. She's right, he never did say his name.
    "Doctor," he answered back with a smile.
    "Mr. Doctor?" I asked confused. He laughed, "No, just the Doctor." Katie and I exchanged looks."Doctor who?" Katie asked.
    "Just the Doctor." He said again.
    We walked out with the Doctor behind us. Katie went on while I stayed behind. "Nice work in class," he told me,"No wonder your teacher said a lot of good things about you."
    "She did?" I asked surprised.
    "Yep." he locked the classroom door with a click,"You better get to your next class. Wouldn't want to be late." He began to walk away when something fell out of his pocket. I bent to pick it up. It was a weird, pen shaped, silver...thing,"Um, Doctor, you dropped this." He snatched it away from me,"Thank you!" he exclaimed," Can't lose that!"
    "What is it?" I eagerly asked.
    "Um..."he thought,"...it's my lucky pen. Every teacher needs their lucky pen. All right, see you around Cerridwen."