• I stared at him with an open mouth, half wanting to scream and half wanting to just run away to save my life. He was one of them. He was, now obviously, a werewolf. My eyes lingered on his silver crescent moon necklace as I recalled the memory of my parents' phone call. "They are the ones with necklaces. They smell like dog, full of spice and ginger. You'll know what it's like once you come barely even a mile in range of them. But to them, you smell-" But after that I had cut them off, not wanting to hear more. I then, hadn't believed that I'd actually see one, or even meet one.

    My gaping mouth clamped shut and I nearly wanted to tear my eyes out right about now. How stupid was I? Vampires were supposed to be smart! Not idiotic and irresponsible! "Ugh." I let my head fall on the desk, on the paper I was helping him with.

    My right hand held the pencil upright and in a minute it fell as my fingers curled into a long bony fist. My knuckles were white, whiter than my skin. Darren frowned deeply, his brow curving into many lines and he leaned back in his chair to cross his arms. "What?"

    I just shook my head, taking in long breaths to cool myself off. "How could I have been so stupid?" I mumbled to myself, no doubt he could hear though, since to me this wasn't even whispering.

    "Stupid- what? What did I do." His tone was hard and curious. Licking his lips, he leaned forward and breathed in, his nose scrunching up. Cocking his head to the side, he questioned me, "Are you sure that you're not putting on too much of that Cucumber Melon and Rushing Water perfume? Or whatever you had said it was?"

    I lifted my head, resting my chin on the table. What did this have to do with anything? Warily, I answered, "Yes, yes I am sure." Sighing, I closed my eyes for quite some time, leaving him to sit there patiently.

    "What's wrong is, I'm not so sure whether I've been doing the right thing or not." I sat up straight and crossed my arms as well, a smirk coming on. But it was an awkward smirk, a questionable one. "I had been so naive then, to do this. I-I don't know if it's wrong or not." And truly I didn't know. A vampire helping a werewolf wasn't commonly known. And it was a good thing that he hadn't found out yet. Unless he had. He could possibly be toying with me right now, the whole time I'd been tutoring him. There was only one way to find out, but I wasn't going to take any risks yet, unless I had to.

    "What do you mean." His dark eyes narrowed and he tapping his fingers against his skin, which was currently giving off that smell of attitude--spice, musk, and something almost sweet and almost tart. It was something that was very hard to explain, the words chosen were just aimless guesses, not real answers to my senses.

    "I can't explain it now."
    "Yes you can."
    "No, I'd rather not."
    "Is it because I've offended you?"
    "Most certainly not, I'm just a little surprised, that's all." Frowning again, I held my breath, or at least appeared to. I could send him little hints, alert him a bit of what I was.
    "You're surprised. About what."

    "Your lineage." I held my head up a tad bit higher. Darren smirked and rubbed at his chin thoughtfully. Shaking his head with a slight scoff, he scooted the chair back with a loud screech and snatched his homework away. As he turned, he looked over at me, anger evident on his hardened, tan face. "I don't know why my lineage would surprise you to the point of confusion, Milly, but if you're going to have a problem with me now then we can't hang out anymore. No more tutoring, no more 'hellos', no more confrontation. Period."

    His eyes scanned mine for a moment and I could tell he wasn't trying to hold back a sigh. "Ok. I, guess that's fine." My inside ran cold, colder than before and I nearly felt sick. Darren was a need, a want in my case. Never had I known anyone like him, scented and repelling, nice and straightforward. I couldn't totally understand why we had to make such a big deal about them. Was it just the mere fact that I could be torn into shreds or was it because we'd all help some sort of resentment between one another that it just passed on? I didn't know. With a wave or my hand, I turned my head and released the oxygen that I'd been holding in for the past five or so minutes.

    He watched me as he stood in front of the front door, and only but once did I look back to see him leave. But he hadn't left when I looked. He just, stood there, as if he were studying me. Sighing, I stood up from my place at the table and walked over to him, pulling the door forcefully from his grasp where he had been holding it open. I looked up at his surprised face.

    "What are you waiting for w-" I stopped myself there. For an instant I was about to utter the word wolf. That wouldn't be smart. Oh no, no. He cocked his head slightly to the side and his eyebrows were pulled together. "What were you going to say?"

    I just shook my head, which only bugged him more. He probably wanted to shout at me, "Is that all you do? Shake your head!" since that was what many people told me.

    Shrugging to myself, I looked down and smiled. "What are you waiting for Darren, you've made your point already as I believe I have made mine." And then I felt him lean closer, over me, and sniff. He pulled back and scratched his head. "I don't understand you, Milly. I really don't. But I will get answers." And at that he turned around on his heel and marched towards nothing but the woods. I shut the door and watched him through the window, my fingers pulling the long white fabric from the center so I could see him, slowly becoming a dot in the distance. And then I saw him do it--he transformed, in the blink of an eye.