• To whom ever this may concern,

    My family, friends, friends, and to Brandon<3.
    I would like to tell you goodbye for good.
    I'm going to use this gun right here and kill myself.
    I'm tired of my father getting his belt and whipping me for all his mistakes. My mother for not caring for what I do at all and not stopping my father for hurting.
    My boyfriend Kyle, for abusing me when ever my parents couldn't, for always being drunk, always threating to kill me if I broke up with you, and for being such a jerk towards me!
    My friends for hardly caring what was happening in my life. For getting caught up in the drama. saying how life sucks because you cant get something, but I would like to say thank you too. For getting me away from my abusive parents and boyfriend. You guys will be in my heart.
    Katie,Tyler,Mckencie my loving sibilings. I will miss you. Get away from this place. I'm glad you never saw me when I was hurt. I will love till the end of time. I just can't take it anymore. Please understand that. Take care of each other. IF you do go to a foster home stay with each other please.
    Brandon<3, you have and always will have my heart. Take care of it I left it with you.Thank you so much for being here for me when I needed it. For understanding what I was going through. Making me laugh when I needed it. Keeping all my secrets. I hope you have a happy life. Do not mope while I'm gone. I will save a spot for you in heaven.I will always love you the most.<3

    After tonight when my parents beat me I will use this gun to shoot myself, and none of you will ever see me again. Just remember I love most of you.
    Well I have to go now. My parents are waiting for me.
    Goodbye forever.
    Love, Kylie.<3