• March 13, 1850- 2330 Hrs

    Today was quite interesting and I'll tell you why. I was standing in my father Lestat's study while he talked to the king of the Kagan Empire about a way to merge our empire ( The Lestat Empire) and their empire. Well they finally agreed on something. They decided the best way to merge the empires was to marry off the Kagan king's daughter and Lestat's first born son, which oh joy is me Inkaraku. I am seven years old. I have long white hair a little below my middle back. I have dog- like ears on the top of my head and my eyes are a reddish-black color. I have scars all over my body and I have a bit of a temper. I have not seen her yet so I am not even sure if I am even going to like her. I decide to say something to my father about how I feel on this but seeing as he doesn't care about me or anything I say he just gives me a look, draws his sword, and proceeds to throw it at me. It hits me directly across the chest causing a wound reaching from my right shoulder down to my left hip.

    I then run out of the study and into the hall where I encounter a guard of the castle. He tries to bind me to the spot but I overpower the spell and then run towards him. As I reach him I snag his sword right out of his hands and then stab him directly in the back. I continue running down the hall and proceed into the garden.

    My chest is still dripping with blood from my wound and I am starting to faint. I begin launching fireballs at the guards because the sword I stole broke. As I launch a final couple of fireballs at some of the guards I trip and fall onto a girl of about six years of age. I presume that she is the Kagan king's daughter Luna. She has long white hair with hazel colored eyes. She is possibly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. At this moment the only thing I can think is, crap I am so screwed. what is she going to think with me on top of her dripping blood all over her and with her wearing a white dress of all things? I would not doubt if she wants to kill me at this moment ( which I wouldn't blame her.) Either way I look at it my first love is going to end before it even begins.

    I stare into her eyes deeply and she stares into mine for a moment or two. I then kiss her and think that I am so going to get slapped for this, but I then change my mind because she kisses me back. I think I did make her mad though because as soon as I got up, healed myself and tried to run I just got knocked down by a rock to the back of the head. I get up one more time and try to run again but this time I get knocked down by a flying clump of dirt. I finally manage to get up and run out of the garden.

    Before I leave the castle to go to the main city in the Kagan Empire I sneak back into my room around 1800 Hrs and grab my weapons, armor and anything else I thought I would need for the trip. I also manage to get into the kitchen while no one is paying attention long enough to collect some food and water hopefully enough to last me until I get to Trakesh.Well I will next write when I get out of Trakesh and decide to set up camp.


    Inkaraku Lestat