• Matt's P.O.V

    That Friday Afternoon


    Tara left. She was mad that I would leave the house. I am not the type of person
    to run from something, and I never will be. I am the one to put up a fight,
    this thing isn't running me out of the house, I don't care what they do, it's my
    I was upset with Taralee. I found her to be a very strong women, but when she
    ran from the house like she did, it made me look a bit different at her. I love
    her, really I do. I still find her strong, with what she has been though over
    the last year, there was no way to change that thought in my head.
    I spend last night thinking up ways to one, win Tara back and two, get this damn
    ghost out of my house. I didnt get much, maybe there was some ghost buster out
    there that could help me. I'd have to do some research on that. But maybe if I
    make this the house look more like a home, look more in season, Tara may come
    back. It was a farfetched idea, but it was one no the less.
    Christmas was coming, and there were still no decorations. So I had to go dig
    them out from the basement and start putting them up.
    I had a few weeks, it was only the 11th.
    "Well, here goes the fun." I said, walking down the stairs and searching through
    all the boxes. I finally found the lights and other little decorations, I took
    the box and brought it upstairs. I sorted through everything and decided the
    roof would be the best place to start. I took out the lights and started out to
    the garage to get the ladder. As I walked outside to start hanging lights the
    phone rang.
    "Hello?" I said into the phone.
    "Hey. I am coming to get some more of my stuff. I'll be there in a little." Tara
    said, then hung up. It was weird not getting an I love you from her, she was
    never this mad at me before, so I had to find a way to get her back.
    She came and went. Not a hello, nor a goodbye. It was as if I didn't exist. Then
    before she left she said, "To make life a whole lot easier for me right now, I
    am calling a break." She then took off her ring and put it on the kitchen table,
    leaving me without a word to say. It hurt, but I understood.
    I grabbed the ring, placing it in my pocket and went back outside to start on
    the lights. I put the ladder up and climbed it, I brought a staple gun with me.
    I started stapling the lights on, when I felt the ladder jerk. I gripped the
    roof and looked down, no one was there, so I figured it was my imagination. I
    got back to work, when I felt the ladder jerk again, this time harder. I ignored
    it, thinking maybe it was just the wind. But when the ladder started tipping, my
    mind went blank. I didn't even remember falling 'till I realized I was on the
    ground, my whole body aching. I couldn't move, closing my eyes was the last
    thing I remembered.


    Tara's P.O.V

    "So, you get what you need for the night?" Josh asked me.
    "Yeah. I um...I also called for a break. It would make this whole thing so much
    easier on me." I placed my cup of coffee on the table and let my head fall in my
    "Hun, he just needs time to understand what he is doing, and when the hell did I
    have to become the advice giver? In high school, you where giving me the advice.
    Now you seem to be the one with the issues." He walked over and started playing
    with my hair.
    I started crying, my head still in my hands. Josh kissed the top of my head and
    knelt beside me. "Love, you have to forget about him. You would feel so much
    better. I can't stand to see you this way. Smile, it's how you always were, be
    my old Tara please?"
    "Fine. I'll stop." Josh wiped the tears from my eyes. "Thanks Josh, you are
    really amazing. I don't know what I'd do withou--"I looked up at him, just then
    it had hit me how close to my face he was at that moment.
    "Um...so what are we doing today?" I said, backing up and into the wall. Josh
    followed me, he got so close that our bodies were touching,. "We...we can't just
    sit here in the house all day..." I said. Josh gave off a slight laugh,
    "Um...I...I am married, happily married...." I tried, but Josh ignored it,
    looking into my eyes. His hand rested on the wall right beside my head. Then his
    head started moving toward mine. I didn't know how to react. I mean, I am still
    married, I was just in a fight with Matt the beggining of the week, and the fact
    that a break was called, made things so hard to understand. I had feelings that
    it would be cheating, but then again, it wouldn't. I was to confused to think.
    It didn't help that this lips where but inches from my own. When his lips
    touched mine, I couldn't stop myself, as he kissed me, I kissed him back. I
    wrapped my arms around his neck and he went for an even deeper kiss. He put is
    arms down by my legs and lifted me off the ground, making me wrap my legs around
    his waist for more support. He carried me to the couch and layed me down, never
    missing a beat to the kiss, he found his way to lay on me and make it totally
    comfortable for the both of us. My legs fell to the couch and Joshes hands found
    his way to my shirt, tugging at the bottom playfully with one hand and rubbing
    my side with the other. Suddenly my shirt was on the ground and my own hands
    were taking off Joshes. When his was on the ground beside mine, I felt his abs.
    It seemed to be a habit of mine. When I was with Matt, I always ran my fingers
    down his abs, he'd laugh because he was very tickleish.
    "You know what you are doing right now, right?" Josh asked, breathless. I
    nodded, pulling his lips back to mine.
    An hour later, Josh and I were sitting at the table. Laughing like old times.
    But it wasn't old times. Sleeping together wasn't old times. That was new times,
    confusing times.
    "Hey Josh, about what happened in there...." I started. Josh laughed.
    "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I completely went out of line, I was
    more shocked you went along with it." Me too. I thought.
    "Yeah, lets just forget that ever happened. I am in love with Matt, it was a
    pretty stupid thing of me to do. I don't know how I'll ever tell him about it."
    I took a sip of coffee and sighed.
    "Don't." Josh said, but I couldn't not tell Matt. Next chance I get, I would
    find a way to explain it to him. "Pretty stupid move. Lets forget about
    it...forever." Josh looked at his wedding ring and closed his eyes. I looked at
    my empty ring finger and kissed it, regreting everything from the moment I spoke
    to Matt this afternoon.
    "Yeah, forget. We are just friends, and friends forever." I smiled.
    "Friends forev--" My cell cut him off. I looked at the number.
    "Who could this be?" I said while picking it up.
    "Hello?" I said.
    "Mrs. Death, I am sorry to inform you, but your husband had fallen from a ladder
    this afternoon and is in serious condition." A woman stated.
    "He what?" Panicing, I hung up the phone and rushed for my car keys.
    "What happened?"
    "Matt. He...um, he fell of a ladder." Tears started streaming down my face.
    "Look, you are not going to drive, you are in shock. I'll drive you to the
    hospital." Josh grabed his keys and we rode over the the hospital.
    "May I have the room number for Matthew Death?" I asked the resptionest at the
    "Floor 3, room 78." She said, pointing to the elevator.
    "Thank you." I rushed to it, Josh following me.
    Once I reached the room, I didn't hesitate to run to his side and hug him.
    "Ow. Hi to you too." He said.
    "I'm sorry, are you okay?" I asked, looking at his casted arm, I knew he wasn't,
    but was there really any harm in asking?
    "Yeah. Um, the fall almost killed me, but here I am, alive to share the story."
    "Kill you? Are ********' crazy, I am not letting you back in that house!" I
    yelled, Josh walked over and hugged me, whispering "Quiet down, shh." In my ear.
    "Tara, fine. I won't go back. But where are we going to stay?" He asked, trying
    so hard to sit up. I put my hand on his chest, he stopped.
    "You can stay with me, until this blows over. Tara is already bunked in the
    guest room, you can stay there with her, or the couch is pretty comfy, I should
    know. " I looked at him when he said that, I should know too. God how I ********'
    know! I kicked myself in the a** as I thought about it.
    "Stay in the room with me. Matt, I am sorry, but now you see why I wanted out of
    that place, my God that could have been me!" Josh hugged me again, indicating I
    was being too loud. "Matthew Death, I love you. Promise me you wont go back in
    that house till we solve the problem. Promise me."
    With a sigh, he said, "Taralee Death, I love you too and I promise that I will
    not go back in that house." He sat up a bit and took my hand, placing my ring
    back in it's place. I smiled at him and knew our break was over. He yawned and
    layed his head down.
    "Get some sleep, I will come back tomorrow. Bye my love." I said, kissing his
    "Okay, bye." He rolled over and before we could get out of that room, he was out
    like a light.
    Josh and I went out to the car. He stopped me before we got in and said, "Tara,
    forget what he said in the room about how close he came to death, it will only
    add more weight on your shoulders, and right now you don't need that." He kissed
    my cheek and smiled. "I want my happy camper back. Cheer up hun."
    I sighed and smiled at him. He looked me in the eyes for a moment. "That's what
    I was looking for." He whispered, looking away and getting in the car. I knew he
    was thinking about our moment again, just as I was.


    Matt's P.O.V

    ~First day out of the hospital~

    I unpacked the clothing I had managed to get from the house. Tara was freaking
    about me going there, but I needed something to wear. I sat on the bed in the
    guest room as Tara walked in. She seemed to be in a different world today.
    "Tara, what's wrong hun?" I asked, hugging her, sitting her on the bed next to
    "I need to talk to you about something."
    I looked at her confused as she looked at the ground. "What about?"
    "About what happened after I called the break Friday." She looked at me.
    Then she explained everything that happened between her and Josh. I knew we were
    on a break then, but that hit me like a cannonball, knocking every bit of sense
    from my head.
    "How could you do something like that? I thought you loved me and only me!" I
    yelled, I heard Josh walk outside, feeling we needed to be as alone a possible
    right now.
    "It was... I don't know Matt. Neither you nor I were in our right minds last
    week! If so, you would have come with me and none of this would have happened."
    Tears filled her eyes.
    "I can't stay here. If you want to come with me, I am finding another place to
    stay." I put my clothes back in my suitcase.
    "I'll come with you, I am sure Caroline will let us bunk there." She took her
    clothes and put them with mine.
    I closed the suitcase and looked at her, "Tara, I love you. I just need you to
    tell me something right now." I said, I would feel a bit better hearing this.
    "Did it mean anything? Do you have any feelings for him, at all?"
    She placed her hand on my cheek and her other on my heart. "Matthew, I love you
    too. It didn't mean anything, I promise you that. And my olny feelings toward
    him is he is just my best guy friend and will be for a long time." I nodded and
    kissed her forehead.
    "Okay, I feel a little better." I grabbed her hand and walked outside to the
    car. "Josh, sorry to leave at such a time. But I would find it in our best
    interest to stay some place else."
    "I understand. I am really sorry, Dude. It was a huge mistake, Tara and I talked
    about that after. No hard feelings?" He asked, hopeful.
    I wanted to so bad, right then and there, just attack him and beat the s**t out
    of him, but I couldn't, I just shook my head and walked to the car. Tara looked
    at me worried for a minute, but got in the car.