• It was November 1st and I was on my way to New York City from sunny Florida . My mother and her husband the one I call Step-loser a lot, were chattering in the front seat. Step loser didn't want me around his house because I cause way to much trouble for him. Of course mother listened and I'm now on my way to my rich father that lives in New York City.

    "Baby doll are you hungry?" a cheery voice from up front called.
    "No mom and call me Yoshi" my voice sounded bitter.
    "Now Rosabella Jones, you be nice to your mother" step loser spoke in his normal harsh tone torg me, I was never scared of him anyways.

    Rolling my eyes I just sat there and stared out of the car window. My mind wondered to different places, like would my father be happy that I'm staying with him. Also something in the pit of my stomach was telling me something wild and crazy was gonna happen to me this year. Slowly my eyes drifted shut and I fell asleep, wondering.

    Slowly my brown eyes fluttered open and it was now night time and we were only twenty minutes before I get dumped on my father. Sighing as I looked out the window now thinking of something else. Mother wont be here for my seventeenth birthday that was on the seventeenth this month. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I seen something...like someone trying to drink someone else's blood. Sharking my head just a little bit; must still be dreaming or something like that.

    Well the car slowly moved up the long gravel drive way to the huge house at the end. I looked at the house closely and saw a man that was well dress, in his mid fourtys and had a smile on. Must be my dad. Finally the car stopped and my mother got out; goodbye old life and hello new life!

    As I was getting out of the car the older man met me and hugged me tightly. "Hello my Rosabella, I've missed you so much"said my father in a husky voice. My father felt like he had a temperature over a hungry and he smelled of new CD's; that was a good smell to me. "Go put your stuff in your new room, I need to talk to your mother" of course I knew he was gonna say that. So I listen to him;don't want to get on his bad side now would I?

    Grabbing the two bags I had packed full of all my ugly clothes that I hated; I fallowed the arrows to my room. As soon as I saw my new room, my jaw dropped in amazement. "Oh my god, its perfect!" I yelled as I stood there. My room had a huge bed by a window, light blue walls, hell my father had a whole bunch of guitars in there for me. "This is my heaven" dropping my bags in the middle of the room and laid down on my new bed.

    "Your mother told me you liked playing guitars" the husky voice returned. Lifting my head to see my father standing in the doorway, which he filled it up with his huge body. "She also tells me your nickname is Yoshi, very cute" a chuckle escaped his lips. My father looked fit to be a model, but he wasn't, he was an owner of a record studio; which was cool!

    "Yes I love to play guitars and yes my nickname is Yoshi" my voice was happy that I got my own room. Shivering a little bit seeing how it was cold in the whole house. "Why is it so cold in here?"my teeth chattered a little as I watched my father. He didn't seem cold at all, he seemed perfectly fine for some odd reason.

    "Sorry about that, I'll turn the heater on before I got to bed"a warm smile laid upon my fathers face.

    Something struck me, I had a new life so I could change back to my old self! "Dad can I go shopping tomorrow and go get a hair cut?" I asked. Maybe it was too soon to be asking that at the moment, but I wanted to be myself again and no matter what I'll get that!

    "Sure, heres your credit card" my father handed me a gold credit card. He was fine with it; no way I so wont believe that, no father could be that cool!

    "For real, I can change my look and skip school, your awesome!" my voice was excited now. My life could go back to normal with no rules or anything!

    "Well its your life, live it while you still can" a smirk was on his face. "Goodnight Yoshi" my father said and walked down stairs. What did he mean by that? Live your life while you can the words the words ran threw my mind as I sat there on my bed. What a weird thing to say. As I fell my eyes getting heavy I decided to get up and change into my PJ's. Standing at 5'5, not all that tall really, my soft tan legs slid into a small pair of shorts. A black tank top slid over my torso and hugged my curves perfectly. My long brown hair hung down my back, well goodbye hair, for your being changed tomorrow.

    Laying down in my new bed, I turned off the lights and saw glowing stars on the ceiling. "Wow, stars, I love them feels like home now" the smile on my face was sweet but hurt. The feeling of barely getting to see the stars made my heart ache. Sighing I started to hum a song as I drifted off to dream land. Goodbye old life and hello new life!