• stop reading if youre under 15, ok?

    there was a horrible witch, she was old, real old mad
    but she hid in the mountains, and only came out to rape little children, girls and boys alike, she had no gender, so it was said...
    she would make delicious concoctions of semen, blood and orange juice that she offered to the children
    then, while they drank their yummy drink, distracted of everything around them, she would rape them, some say she actually has a penus and a vagyna, so she can rape all children...some say she just touches them, but those people are stupid and ruin the story scream
    so one night, she was out looking for a young child to violate, when she noticed a whole group of children, she got excited, and morphed into a man selling candy (yeah, she can morph, got a problem with that? mad )
    she put her juice into the candy, and gave them each 5 candies, but she added an extra ingredient, that would knock em out
    but that ingredient had a reaction to the semen, and instead of knocking em out, the children grew into giants
    they realized this man selling candy was magic, and they were so impressed that they said theyd pay him if he put on another show
    so, the witch went to make a different concoction that would knock them out, then went back and said they had to pay him(shes in the form of a man, if you forgot) in advance
    so they did, expecting something spectacular
    the potion knocked em out, so the witch raped em and ran away
    in the end she made 50$ and got to rape 5 kids, so she was very happy
    and noone knows what happened to those giant little kids