• I stopped walking and turned to him
    “Can I help you…?” I asked
    “…I’m Jayson Unrook” he introduced
    “…Tamakio Sakaki” I introduced and started walking towards the office again. Jayson picked up his pace to be able to walk next to me “you’re new here…where’d you come from?” he asked me “… London England …” I answered “mm…” he hummed. I noticed how soft his voice was…but I wanted to know more. I concentrated and tried to read his mind ‘this new girl…her smell…her eyes…her face…it looks…so…angelic but…the smell…naw she can’t be one of…them…’ I loosened my concentration after I heard his thoughts
    ‘What did he mean by…one of them?’ I thought to myself. When we reached the office, Jayson held the door open for me, I thanked him and walked in but I walked right into someone’s chest, I would have fallen back if whoever it was didn’t catch me around my waist, I blinked a few times in surprise, then I looked to see who I bumped into. It was a boy, but not a normal boy; he was a vampire as well. He has shaggy brown hair that looked a bit like Jayson’s but a little longer and different color, he had icy blue eyes, and a perfect face, a perfect pale face I thought didn’t exist. “My apologies miss…” he apologized with a small smile that took my breath away.
    His voice was like honey -smooth and sweet- he also talked softly, then I heard a growl coming from Jayson. The vampire helped me stand “I’m Paul Heartworth” he said taking my hand and kissing it. This time Jayson growled loudly, then I heard Paul’s thoughts ‘breath vamp girl’ he told me. I breathed “Tamakio…Sakaki” I said through breaths. Paul smiled. Then he talked in a low quick voice that only I could hear “a beautiful name for a beautiful girl” he said. And as fast as he said that, he was gone “I…hate…that…guy…” I heard Jayson murmur.