• Chapter One: The young Devil

    Maxine stood outside her hands stretched in front of her, Smelling the air as she breathed in,, a small and gentle smile came upon her delicate face. Her long dark red hair, blew in the soft and velvet wind, her gray eyes, stared up at the azura sky. She walked down the main sidewalk to the town, her main place was with the enviorment, how preciouse it was to her, to relax her soul. She stopped looking at a male with a black hood on, his dull blond hair waving in the wind, covering his eyes, his hands stuffed in his sweater pocket. She blinked standing in the same position, she coulnd't help herself but stare at that male. A strange sansation, overwhelm her. She shook her head and looked down at her hands, now her hands were shaking, something was going on, but what was it, she looked down at her hand again her eyes capturing her wrist watch. Eyes began to widen. "Oh crap! i'm late, damit!" She said forgetting about that young male and running towards the town.

    Reaching her destenation she looked down at her feet as she breathed in and exhaled it out, her hand went over her heart and she smiled relaxing. "Ha...I made it," She said still breathing heavily. She walked through the door all pumped up. It was dark and it was past midnight so she was a little off right now. Walking in the building she put her hands in her pocket and walked in proudly. Smiling at everyone, as she walked by each person who looked at her and thought she was insane. She stood still her finger went over her lip and started to ask herself why she was here again. Suddenly a big slap behind the back made her jump drawing her gun. The male looked at her seriously.

    "What the hell are you doing, Maxine? your late for the meeting, and don't draw your gun in here. were not outside the secret base for battle yet, idiot," he said his hands came over his chest. He had dark brown eyes, sunglasses that seemed to hide his eyes, and what do you know, it seems that everyone is curious to know what was behind thoes. Anyways, he was tall, a little taller then Maxine, by a couple of inches, and he had a soft and low voice.

    Maxine stuck her tongue at him, while pulling her ears a little. "Don't you think I know that, Henry. Jeeze you always take things serious, mind spicing up your life and get laid, your so cranky," she said laughing. As soon as she said that her face came to an erupt stop from bursting out with laughter and looked at him before she ran. Running towards the Meeting grounds, he stared after her, pissed of course. They acted as they were so young, like children. She ramed right in the meeting door, and closed it as she heard pounding as henry tryed to open the door. She put the lock her hands went on her hips and she luaghed. "Aw poor baby can't get through oh well," she said laughing turning around she saw thrity faces look at her with confusion on their faces, She looked at them and luaghed nerviouly walking slowly to her seat she sat down silently.

    An older man stood up and cleared his throat. "Well um...lets begin shall we," he said his voice cracking. "Well you all know why you are here, you all are going to be asighned to a mission for world peace, take this serious," he puased and looked down at Maxine, with a stare. She smiled weakly and looked away. "For The peace Order to begin we would have to let each of you be asigned on a very difficult mission, there is no faliure, for if there is then the choas will be released. Now," he said his hands came to a giant screen, and smiled his face hidden over the shodaws of his black hat. "I won't give it to you, actually you will find them yourself, you'll have this eurge that would want you to fight them, it may take time to know where they are, but it is your fate to kill them," he said continueing, but Maxine stopped and remembered about the male in the black sweater. The eurge, the lust, the fear. She shook her head.


    His dull blond hair moved aginst the wind, his sweater open showing his skin, pale and with the abs, he had a tatto on his chest, it was a devil imp. His eyes were hidden from the hood and his long dull hair. He licked his lips, and smiled wickedly. How his heart now lusted for death, to come, lusted for blood shed, for blood, and more. He looked down as his hands were stuffed in his sweater. A strange human? yes of course, he may seem normal, but is actually a devil, known as the devils child, or the corrupted human. A dark mist shawdow like figure was kept around his heart, a special ability, a great power, a god power. he walked through a dark alley walking to the end. Standing still it almost looked as though he was a ghost, as he vanished in thin air.

    Apperearing on a building he laid his back against the large wall from a house, his legs limped off the room as he looked at the people who walked the night. A sudden wicked grin hit his face as he looked upon a car, or it was what you call a van. James sat still and yawned again his eyes beginning to close, but as they did, he suddenly opened them fast as a pure evil aura hit his scent. He couldn't be very patiant he was just bored. He jumped down and then walked his head looking down with an evil chuckle deep inside his soul ready to burst for hunger. He walked deep past some places and looked down at the street with a grown man with two kids, about the age of ten. Now He doesn't give a s**t on what he does, all he wants is what he needs to fill in that hunger that will burst with a deep soul waiting to burst to kill over a million.

    He walked past the big house where the van had entered the drive way. His back pressed against the bark of the tree, the shadow cased from the tree covered the view of his face. His hands hidden by his side the steal claws curled into a good gripp on the trees bark digging in making the steal claw sharper then how it was now They were sorruonded with each finger with a blade made by the shadows in his dead heart. claws piercing though the tree, making the tree sap come down. Was this a plan? The lights shown in the house as they walked in. "Home sweet home," He whispered under his breath. He turned his head to the left looking at the house very carefully. Soon an hour later the lights went out, he took his claws away from the tree, the sticky sap on the claws.Walking into the house slowly he looked at the couch and smiled. "Oh heck yeah, my napping place," He said smiling. He looked up at the stairs as he heard the father kiss the heads of his two children. James gave a wicked smile heading up the stairs he didn't need to shift wieght after all he doesn't eat that much.

    Walking up the stairs he slipped through the opened door of the fathers room. He licked the tree sap just a bit from the claw so it wouldn't drip and the man looked at him eyes coming wide, he was about to yell then the lights went out, making this easy for James, He is very intelligent just by looking at the person he already knows what to do. He grabbed the man by the throat pushing him to the wall, the claws under his chin piercing through his skin just by a touch. "Hope your kids will have as much fun as I man with you," he said with a evil chuckle hidden from his throat. The man struggled by couldn't move. He looked at the man with fear in his eyes as he spoke of his children. With his claws up one hand holding him down, one of the claws went through his mouth making the tree sap go through his throat, passing bay cutting open to the back of the fathers throat. James eyes became wide for more hunger the devil of it all, he couldn't resist to torture the father.

    He knew that the tree sap would go down his throat making the fathers blood kill one by one, going in the stomach and poising him. He pulled the thing away, and made the father fall. Going to the children room he laughed waking them up. "Wanna play with me, I'm gonna have so much fun," He said laughing evilly. He walked to them and pulled his claws out. "Now, now,I won't play rough, just a little wild," He said walking to the to huddled to the corner. There eyes full of tears. He walked to the his claws swaying like a plane. He went up to the girl and grabbed her by the neck, she struggled her hardest the other girl screaming so loud that the scream became a squeak. He smiled evilly. "Well let the death game begin," he said stabbing the young girls heart, and the other one as well, he looked at the blood pour from both bodies and evil luagh emerged within him his eyes full of lust and hunger as it quenched a bit with ease.

    He walked out of the house his hands full of the threes blood. He walked away as he licked his claw piercing his tongue just by touching it. Now tasting both his and theirs at the same time. He started to laugh walking away. "How very fun, I hoped they enjoyed my stay," he said wickedly and insanely. He was the devil! The soul that was let loose in this world, a soul of choas. He jumped down the street as the claws seemed to be shrouded in a dark mist as soon it was a minute that passed, and the claws from his fingers, up from the finger tip to down to the knuckles were gone.


    Max stood up from the chair she sat on, she paced back and fourth tring to remeber what she remebered of the man. Henry stood by the doorway. "Aw, what is it, can't think of what food to eat?" He asked playfully. Though Maxine ignored him going back in the time she saw that male, she had this feeling that something within her was about to explode if she got near that man. She looked at the vending mashine and sighed, putting in a dollar, punching in the numbers to get Doritos. Opening the bag, she laid it on the table as it eased her mind a little. Henry looked down at the chips and sighed. "Was the meeting that bad? waht happened Maxine?" he asked as he walked towards the chips his hands reaching as he grabed one.

    Maxine looked at him her fingers shaking she shook her head. "No not likely, but I know what my destiny is," She said as she walked out of the lunch room and walked towards the elevatoor. Henry came after her with the Doritos in his left hand as the right would grab the cheesy chips. As the doors opened they walked in. She put her Golden gun down to her side, they called that gun kira, for somereason she figured out the name of it without guessing. It was her chossen item. She looked at him as he chewed on the pieces. "Listen, I know what my goal is, and I know why all thirty one of us went into that meeting, there are over one hundred deadly demons here to destroy this world into destruction, if we let that happen," She said looking down now. thinking of all the terrible things that could happen.

    Henry shrugged. "I swear you believe in the history to much, there is no end to this world until the world decides it is time to die, they are like humans, ageing, they won't die without ageing fully," he said smiling patting her back. "No worries miss, grumpy, he said smiling softly. He grabed her ear and pulled her t the floor. "But right now, no worries and only fear me, because you are going to have a difficult week now," he said laughing.

    Maxine pouted. "Oh, come on I was just giving you advise...meaning you should get laid instead of staying in that lab all day," she said softly. "And I know you got a mission also so, yeah no toruture me, only the demons that will destroy this life. okay mister, buck tooth bever," She said laughing but he pulled hard on her ear. "Ow, ow ow," she said screetching. "Okay okay I get it, let go now, Henry you very handsome man," She said sighning.

    He smiled letting go. "That is mister, handsome man, and yes I know, I have to find that little demon girl, before she kills a whole hospital, i'm on it, but for now, she won't be in this town till next three hours so i'm good," he said laughing he got out of the elevator and smiled. 'well here is my stop, see ya loser," he said tipping his invisible hat. Maxine pushed herself against the wall, looking down she felt a little strange, that man that she saw, he felt much more worse then any demon, this one felt to horrible to even concider that this soul made it in the world. her hands went to a fist. "I can't let myself be scared, it is my duy to take care of him," she said her hand holding Kira the gun up to her side shoulder and gave a grimce sign. "I will find you and destroy you!," She hissed as the door opened. everyone looked at her and thought she was crazy. she smiled nerviouly. "um.. and that is my acting, yay me," she said walking past them her hand went over her face so they won't catch them in her eyes.