• I go to the mirror and see my self for who i am, when i look in my eyes i see my sadness, my heart and my story....
    My life is more depressing then most lives and i do not have enough time to tell you it all.
    I am slowly drifting away. I blink once, then blink again and when i opened my eyes I see my life flashing by me.

    "hey girl, come over with me, wats your name?" She tells me her name is tinzing. I'v never seen a girl so pretty in my life but then again my life is'nt that long so far. "you want to play rock paper scissors? if i win you have to go out with me, if you win you get whatever you like, deal?"
    "rock! paper! scissors! yes! I won and I took her to a bar named paradise. We talked all night.
    "waiter!" the waiter was a man with brown hair, a buld spot, and a short beard, he looked like he was in his age of 50 and he had this strang mark. It was like a plant was growing on his face. Anyway back to the girl. She was smiling and for the first time in a while i was having fun but it was getting late and i had to go to my night class.
    "sorry......... I have to go, I have a night class" I wrote my number on the napkin and said goodbye. When i turned around, I bumped into the strange waiter, closed my eyes and when i opened them, I was in another part of my life"
    " tinzing i want you back pelase give me another chance, Im sorry i cheated on you" At that time of my life my heart was braking in two. I cheated on my true love and now i wish i didnt.
    " I've got to think about it but if you ever do that again I'll leave you forever!"
    I said thankyou and left. A month past and i oculdnt stand it no more. I went to her house knocked on her door and asked her was her desiction was.
    She told me after i broke her heart she went into depression and cried but a guy helpeed her threw and they were now together.
    " Do you want to come and meet him? I'll meet you at the park"
    I didnt no what to say but i said yes for i didnt want to never see her again.

    1 hours had past and it was time to see her boyfriend. I went to the park and there he was holding tinzings hand, her head on his shoulder. She said hi and he said hey but i stood there and said nothing. My hand went omn my heart it was as if it was breaking but it went away. I talked ot them for a bit. I asked them how met and whats his name. He said she was crying once so he helped her and that his name was uriel. I turned around.
    "whats wrong?" said tinzing. Tinzing i cant do this its to hard i ran but she followed, uriel just stayed there. I told her to elave me alone but she just kept saying no and so i told her a lie that there was mroe then one that i cheated on her with. She ran away crying but i.... I just stood there and let her. I was a fool. I closed my eyes while tears went down my face.......... To be continued! If you like sad things listen to: Am i not pretty enough by kasey chambers to match the story.