• The Meeting
    She laid in her bed a sleep one arm carelessly hung off the bedside. She was deep in sleep dreaming about a handsome man she has never met before. Silent knocks came upon her door; "Princess are you in there?" asked the voice. A young girl opened the door to find the Princess still asleep from her late night ball the other night. She walked over to the bed and gently shook the Princess, "Um excuse me Princess Zelda you have a meeting today with the Prince of Altea to make a peace treaty with them." said the girl shyly. "What? Who scheduled this?" asked Princess Zelda still half asleep. "Lady Impa did princess." replied the young girl. "Thank you Mizuki for informing me about this." she said, "Is that all, then?" "Yes." replied Mizuki as she bowed and walked out of the room and left Zelda in private. "Why did she have to make it today." Zelda thought out loud as she began to get out of her pajamas and get into her dress and actually look presentable to the people of Altea.
    She walked out of her room down the stairs to the dining room. As she sat down Impa walked in, "You just had to make that meeting today didn't you Impa?" Zelda asked as she began to eat. "Well it was the only time that you would be able to do it so do not be angry with me." Impa replied back, "And besides you were the one who decided to have the ball last night when i told you that you would be having a meeting today." Impa and Zelda ate the rest of their breakfast in silence. Zelda went to the meeting room to set everything up for the Prince of Altea. Mizuki walked into the room to help Zelda set every thing up. When they were finished they sat down at the table. "Hey Mizuki can I ask you some thing?" Zelda asked her, "Besides that question yes." she replied. "Aren't you originally from Altea?" she asked, "Yes, yes I am. Why?" Mizuki asked as she turned around to ace the princess, "Did you ever meet the prince?" she asked as she looked at Mizuki with curiosity. "Yes." she relied, "Will you tell me about him?" Zelda asked her. "Before I came to Hyrule I worked for the prince. He's very kind and compassionate and he always has his two friends with him no matter what. Their names are Ike, Roy, and Prince Marth. Ike is the tallest of the group and fights for Marth and Roy only. Prince Marth is the medium sized one and doesn't talk that much but is very kind. And Roy well he's the short but loud one." Mizuki said, "When I worked back at the palace in Altea the guards would always pick on me and Ike, Roy, and Prince Marth would always help me. So they won't hurt you unless you attack Prince Marth."
    Hours later three men entered the land of Hyrule. "Well we're here." said the tallest one, "Let's go to one of the Armory's here I've heard they have the best weapons ever made!" exclaimed the smaller one as he rushed off towards the large city, but was caught by the taller one. "Roy you know why we're here maybe after the treaty." said the taller one, "Fine." said Roy as he was put down, "But I don't see why we can't just look for just a couple of minutes, Ike." Roy said as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and pouted. "Because Roy its not very polite to keep a woman waiting, especially if its a princess." said Ike as he walked past Roy towards the city. "But why can't you and I go look around while Marth does the boring stuff with the princess?" whined Roy, "Because Roy who knows what would happen to Prince Marth if we left him alone with those Hyruleans." said Ike. Roy began to sulk at this, "It's not like he can't protect himself." Roy whined even more. Ike shot him a look and he fell silent. "I bet she's an ugly hag." Roy finally said not able to bare the silence any longer. "Do not judge her Roy. I Bet she's very beautiful and kind. Do not insult one that you have never met before especially if they are of royalty." Marth finally said as he walked past them, "Yes Prince Marth." said both of them as they bowed and then followed him towards the city.
    "He should have been here by now." said one of the guards as they waited for the Prince to come. "Don't worry he'll come if he wants peace." said the other as five guards waited there for the Prince
    "Hello there we're here to see Princess Zelda." said Marth as he walked up to the guards with Ike and Roy right behind him. "Are you the Prince of Altea?" asked one of the men. "Yes I am." replied Marth; "Follow us please." said the other guard. Ike grabbed Marth, "Be on your toes Marth this could be a trap." Ike said looking around at everyone. "I'm sure we can trust them." Marth said as he smiled at him and walked on following the guards.
    Zelda had everything ready in the meeting room. She was asleep with her head on the table having another dream about this man. Some one knocked on the door, it was Mizuki again, "Um Princess." she said softly. Zelda awoke to see Mizuki at the door of the room, "Yes Mizuki?" she asked her tiredly, "The Prince is here and is on his way to the palace." said Mizuki. "He is?" she asked. Mizuki nodded and Zelda quickly walked to the entrance to the palace and waited for them brushing herself off trying to look more presentable to them after her little nap.
    The guards, Ike, Marth, and Roy all came up the hill to the entrance and saw Princess Zelda waiting for them talking with Impa and Mizuki. "Princess Zelda." said the guards in unison as they bowed to her; "We brought the Prince just as you asked,” said one of them. When Zelda turned around she was smiling kindly to them. When Marth saw Zelda he froze his cheeks turned a light shade of red but no one could really tell and he looked away from her. When Zelda saw Marth she became light headed and then turned to the guards, "Thank you. You may return home to your families now." she said to the guards, "But Princess what about our patrol duty?" one of them asked, "We can find someone else to take it today." she said to the three guards. They bowed to her and walked back towards the crowded streets. When the guards disappeared Zelda turned back to Ike, Marth, and Roy, "Welcome to Hyrule I am Princess Zelda, and this is my friend Mizuki and my teacher Impa." she said as Zelda, Mizuki, and Impa bowed to their guests. "Hello Princess Zelda, I am Prince Marth and these are my friends Ike and Roy." he said as the three bowed back to Zelda, Impa, and Mizuki. "Well i guess we should discus our peace treaty now." Zelda said as she led them to the meeting room.
    When they reached the meeting room Zelda turned around and faced them, "Prince Marth and I are to enter this room only, I am sorry but this is between us." Zelda said as she motioned for them to stay out. Roy was getting ready to argue when Marth interrupted him, "As you wish Princess." Marth said as he began to enter the room, "Prince Marth I'm going to have to ask you to leave your sword out here." said Impa as she put out a hand to receive the sword. Marth hesitated for a moment then took his sword out from around him when Ike grabbed it, "I'll hold on to your sword Prince Marth." he said. Marth nodded then followed Zelda into the meeting room to discus their peace treaty.