• I walked up onto the bus and noticed the bus driver. "ummm, Mr Harvard? What happened to you?" I said without even thinking. But I'm curious. "I'm really not supposed to have private conversations with students but.."he said with a hesitation while clinching his fist, "Someone broke in my house last night and I got beat, robbed. I would say more if you weren't a student."
    "Thats horrible Mr.Harvard."I said with a frightened face,"ya know, there was one across the street, too." "Did anyone get hurt?" he asked. "no." I say. "Okay, well, sit down now. We can't be late for school." he says."oh, and if you run into a police..tell him about this."
    "Okay Mr.Harvard, My mom told me that, too." I replied.
    "And thats the right thing to say for sure. Go sit down," he says.

    I think that was the longest conversation I've ever had with a bus driver. To think about it, any teachers!

    I sat in an empty seat and looked out the window. As I looked, I saw cars with broken windows.
    There were sites with dead bodies in bags.Coroners looked at dead bodies, And police lined up asking questions about the incident. Ambulances scurried to look if anyone was still alive.

    We finally started getting closer to the school. I started to fall asleep but I didn't. The bus then slowly stopped. Mr. Harvard let us off the bus and sighed. He's acting like someone died!
    I walked off the bus and headed toward the school. I looked around and everybody looked down toward their feet. They didn't talk, no one talked. I started walking toward my friend Liz.
    "Everybody seems so gloomy today." I said acting like nothing happened last night.
    "Yeah, Don't you know what happened last night?" Liz asked.
    "Yeah....So, how'd your date go?" I asked curiously.
    "It was great! We actually kissed." She said in excitement.
    "How was the kiss? Is he a good kisser? Describe, PLEASE." I said trying to lower my voice.
    "He was a really good kisser. And he told me that I was, too," Liz says while her cheeks started to get as red as a rose,"and then while we kissed, we closed our eyes and everything started to turn into a movie."
    "How did it turn into a movie?" I asked, "You mean when everything starts to dim you guys just go for it for about 30 or more seconds?"
    "Yep, kind of...I don't know." She said while she then started to giggle.

    I haven't got a boyfriend yet. But I'm not usually like one of those girls. I don't date. But I want to. I have a lot guy friends and I just want to ask one out but I can't. You can't ask them out 'cause thats what happens when you become best bud...BUDS! Unless...You are really close. Then, you can probably just ask and they'll say yes. But what if they reject you?
    Dang! I just don't get it do I?!! I want to kiss a boy but I just can't!
    Yeah sure, hey Jamar. Wanna go out? Yeah right! Like I could EVER get a date with him
    Even though he compliments me a lot and asks to use my stuff a lot, too. I doubt that he actually likes me in a way he wants to kiss me. Well anyways, I walked into the school and hung out with my usual group of boys. Good God! If I went over to the girls they would be blabbing about their dates and everything!

    All the boys were talking about the incident last night. I think everybody was.
    I eavesdropped a little. "Yeah, The old man across the street was murdered and all his money was took. Well thats what I heard." Jamar said with his beautiful voice.
    Man do I doze off easily. I figured I would say something too.
    "Yeah, there was one across the street from my house. My dad slightly saw the person..I think." I said while they agreed and starred. I swear I thought I saw Jason stair at my breast and still agree. My God! Do boys have to be SO rude to women!

    To Be Continued.........