• Darkness all around me,
    I feel you, suffocate,
    No one else is around my misery,
    Can I give anyone the key to the gate?

    No one realizes the pain,
    The weakness that I feel,
    The darkness swallows with vain,
    My nightmares feel so real.

    The shadows that hide,
    The tears I hold back,
    The old me, has died,
    Everything is black.

    I run, but I still see it,
    It is hard to face,
    It pulls me in, bit by bit,
    It takes me back, back to that place!

    From the memories, I try to run,
    They are destroying me slowly, not fast,
    I’m growing weaker; I know they’ve won,
    It haunts me, my past.

    The sadness, it has brought,
    I feel the guilt,
    I can feel the inside rot,
    The darkness inside me, it built.

    I feel so insane,
    These words are my last,
    Darkness has won, my tears fall like rain,
    I can’t run anymore, it has won, my past.

    My past has won,
    I’m sure this is true,
    The damage is done,
    My heart, darkness controls it too.

    I’m leaving now,
    You may not want to see,
    You might not want to know how,
    Today is the death of me.

    Thanks for being here,
    Goodbye, it’s time, I’m untied,
    I have no fear,
    It’s time that I died.