• "Star!" Jane ran down the hall toward Star. Jane swooped up Star and headed down the other side of the hall.
    "MOMMY! Where's MommY!" The 6 year old screamed trying to get out of Jane's hands. The baby didn't give up and kept screaming and jumping in her arms.
    "Mommy is down the stairs with your other sisters. We going to her." Jane was walking fast. The screams from above made Star very nervous. Star started to cry and Jane just kept going saying soft words like ."It's o.k... Shss it's ok." Star didn't stop she was screaming crying now. Jane moved faster and went down the hotel stairs as fast as she could. Then she bumped into her other sister Nina.
    "What are you doing here!" Jane worriedly said.
    "Mommy can't find mommy.." Nina looked at the ground. Jane's eyes widened. Jane did her best to pick up Nina and star and run down the stairs. " Janey cakeful" Nina said while Jane was moving fast down the hall. Nina was 3
    "where did she bring you?" Jane panted. "Where did you see mom last?"
    "food. we got foods. but the room filled mom gone." Nina tried her best to talk.
    "O.k o.k Food." Jane walked fast threw the halls and down the stairs again. But all of a sudden Jane jerked to a stop. " What about leo and Lea?" Those were the twins who were always with each other.
    "They were with mommy." Nina said this very clear. "Mommy was holding there hands."
    jane sighed with relief. All the kids were with someone. Jane started moving again. When they hit the food court it was empty. The screams weren't heard anymore. Jane didn't worry about her other sister a year younger. She was at a friends house on the other side of town.