• Kyoto Okami felt his patience running out. He looked at the clock. Great, still thirty minutes until the end of class. His hands were turning numb from where he was gripping the side of his chair, and he clenched his teeth together and counted. Soon the images dissapeared. The pain in his head subsided, and his vision returned to normal. He looked over at Kyrie. She was turned around in her seat talking to her friend, laughing. Almost as if she knew he was watching. He raised his hand to go to the bathroom.
    Kyoto ran into the bathroom and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He had black hair that came down to his shoulders and kind of an olive skin color. He had golden eyes and a thin scar down his left eye. He was starting to calm down when the images returned and his head started throbbing again. The pain escalated. He phased quickly and bit down hard on his arm. He tasted blood, but he hung on. Once back to normal, he laid back against the wall. He felt way better. He looked at his arm. As expected, there were deep teeth marks and he was losing blood. He sighed and wrapped his arm with part of his shirt. Now all he had to do was go get his jacket so that he wouldnt look like he had just went and got his arm mauled. He got his jacket from his locker just as the bell rang. He went back, got his books from the classroom, and went on to gym, his next class with Kyrie. How he was going to hide his arm, he had no idea. He saw Kyrie opening the door to the gym. She was struggling with trying to open the heavy double doors and trying to not let her books fall. He hurried and opened the door for her. She looked up at him, smiling.
    Kyoto smiled back.
    " No problem."
    She walked past him into the gym. Atleast he hadnt made a complete fool of himself.
    Kyoto Okami was a 17- year old junior at Holloway High School. He was a werewolf with light brown fur, almost like the color of his eyes. He had started to discover it at age 12, younger than most. Kyrie Otero, on the other hand, had long brown hair and really bright brown eyes. He had loved her ever since 5th grade, not that she even noticed. For the last two months, he had been haunted by visions and images, which were all the same. He had been in a pitch black room except for a light at the end. Kyrie had just layed there on the floor, and her face was very pale. No matter how hard or how fast he ran, he never reached her in time, because for every step he took, he couild hear her heartbeat getting slower. Just when he thought he was going to make it, it stopped. He had kept an eye on her ever since.