• ~~PART 1~~

    There once was a 16 year old named Luke.Last year,he got a girlfriend and they went on a date to the movies.They went to see SAW 9.Emily,the girlfriend,was nervous to see this movie.She had never seen a scary movie before.After about 30 minutes of the movie,she was hiding behind Luke trying not to hear or see any of the blood or gore.Finally for her,the movie was over.Than,Luke and Emily went to go get pizza and burgers.The thoughts of saw eventually got to Emily's head and started to think she could be like Jason and thought she could murder without getting arrested or caught.So,she thought she would get revenge to all of her enemies or people that have annoyed her.That night...

    ~~PART 2!!~~
    That night...she figured out who she would get back first.Maybe her best friend,Allison."Even though we were friends,Allison lyed about everything!But Joey was so annoying,trying to act all cool around her.Maybe I should get Luke!!YES!I will get Luke for making me watch that horrid movie..after I get Allison and Joey",Megan said,very happy being evil.So she went online and found out where Allison lived.The next day,Megan went to the shop,wierdly named,"Ammuntion Range and Shop".She went there and got enough weapons to kill 20 people.After a few days of trying everything on cotton-filled bags...

    ~~PART 3!!!~~~
    When she was done practicing,she knew she was ready.She called Allison,saying she wanted to see her,since she hadn't seen her in almost 2 years.She had a sword in a carrier,and Allison thought it was fake.Now she isn't the smartest person you will ever meet.Allison got tired,went to her room,and took a nap.While she was sleeping,she took the sword,and stabbed Allison,knowing she killed her for good.She ran out of the house,and drove back to her house.Then the next day came...

    ~~PART 4!!!!~~
    Then the next day came and soon enough,somebody found out she was dead.That person called the police to report it and get an outopsy.When the outopsy was done,they figured out she was stabbed to death.The next day,it was in the newspaper.The heading said,

    She was ready to get Joey,but with a new approach.Since Joey always wanted to go on a date with her.She pretended to hange her mind,and go on a date with him.She called him,and he was ready to go right away.Instead of a date at a restraunt,she decided to have it at her house,while her parents went shopping.After the first course,he had to say something..

    ~~PART 5!!!~~~
    He had something to say."I really like you,alot.Will you kiss me?"Megan was ready with a revolver under the table,ready to pull up the gun and fire.She quickly brought up the gun and fired.Her responce?"Never in a million years!Lastly,to get Luke!"She had to bury the body.She buried it in the yard.Luke was sitting at home all alone.Se couldn't do it!She couldn't kill the one she loved,but she had to.She barged into his house,almost pulling the trigger.Before she could pull the trigger,there was another gun shot.It went right through her chest.Turns out it was...

    ~~PART 6!!!!~~
    Turns out it was an undercover police officer.Luke felt really bad,and so did the cop.They both rused her to the hospital.Everybody thought it was to late.They got her in the E.R.,and they figured out she would be fine after surgery.Turns out,she had died the next night.When the funeral was done,the police had something surprising.In part 4,the person who called the cops..WAS MEGAN!She made it so it didn't look like she killed her.As for Joey,she buried him,and when that paper let out,it was the same person that called the cops.At the funeral,nobody came since she killed Joey and Allison.Luke was very sad and apoligized,and he knew she was happy.He knew she wanted him to find somebody else.And this time,don't take her to see SAW!!!

    Moral of the story:Never watch SAW if you get scared easy.