• Chapter 5

    I woke to the sound of someone coming into my room and the sudden burst of bright light. I sat up sharply from my little pile. “What’s going on?”

    There was a large man standing in the doorway, his huge muscles looked tense and his amber eyes tightened. “Breakfast.”

    It was only then that I noticed the tray he tightly grasped, I snorted. “I’m surprised they’re giving me food.”, I gave a devilish smile.

    The man raised a brow, “Why?”

    I laughed, “Did Helen not share with your king and queen what I said last night?”

    “Yes actually, she did.” He seemed to loosen up a bit.

    “Now can’t you see why I’d be surprised?”

    He smirked, “I guess I could.”

    “So what’s my punishment?”

    He grimaced, “You’ll have to wait for Helen to find that out.”

    I scooted to one half of the pile and patted the other. “Don’t worry I don’t bite.”, I smiled.

    He hesitantly came and sat next to me, handing me the tray. “Usually we don’t hold conversations with captives.”

    “Well I don’t see why not.” I pointed to the tray, “Do you want some?”

    “Oh no, I’ve already eaten. We don’t usually hold conversations with captives because we‘re not allowed to stay in their cells long enough to talk.”

    “Oh. So what’s your name?”

    “Erick.”, he smiled.

    “Well it’s very nice to speak with you Erick. My name is Angel.”, I smiled back.

    “ERICK! You should be at your post by now!”, Helen bellowed from the doorway, impatiently crossing her meaty arms in front of her.

    “You’re right. I’ll go. Are you finished yet Angel?”

    “Yes, thank you Erick. I’m sorry I got you into trouble.”, I handed the tray up to him after he stood.

    “It’s alright. I’m sorry for the punishment that’s coming.” He looked at me with sad eyes, that worried me.

    Once Erick left the room, Helen went to shut the door, and once it was shut, the lights went out. The only light was coming from the window, which was plenty for me to see the wicked smile that spread across Helen’s face.

    “Why’d you shut the door?”

    Her smile grew wider, “I wouldn’t want anyone to hear you scream.”

    “Nothing you do to me will make me scream.”

    “I doubt that.” she pulled out a whip with a knife-like tip. She came over to me and grabbed a fistful of my hair. She dragged me over to where the chains that held me last night were. I knew what she was going to do and I didn’t fight her because I knew it would just get worse if I did.