• Roku continued walking through the main drag. So, he said to himself, Palumaru finally has the balls to say he wants to fight me, well, that’s fine. I can handle him. Roku remembered when they were all still in school. It was almost 2 years ago. Palumaru and Roku had never liked each other, so to be in the same class was aggravating for both of them. Roku never really tried to bother Palumaru, but there was something about him, his snotty attitude, or something, that bothered Roku, and most others in the class. Palumaru had his own little ‘clan’ of people who wanted to be like him. Ridiculous, Roku thought, he would send them on what he called ‘missions’, to go spy on the teachers out of school time, or to go get people to fight Palumaru. So far, Palumaru had won every fight he had been in. Roku didn’t purposely start fights, so he didn’t have a record yet. Yet, but Palumaru wanted to fight him now, so he would have a record soon enough. There was a small commotion on the rooftop next to Roku, and he looked to see on it, one of Palumaru’s henchmen. Was it Kin? He didn’t know. Suddenly, the unknown henchmen threw a kunai, a small knife, at Roku. So this is his plan, Roku thought as he dodged the kunai. To make me use up my chakra and my energy before the fight, so it will be easy pickings for him. Well, I’m not planning on losing today.
    He stepped back 4 or 5 steps as the henchmen jumped to the ground. Then, another sprang out of a nearby tree. Oh, Roku thought, it’s Taro and Tomo, the twins. Now, there were hand seals, which controlled and molded your chakra to the user’s command. There were 12 hand seals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar . You are able to do multiple hand signs to create multiple jutsus. Certain people, however, can only do certain jutsus. Fire, Ice, Water, Earth, those are just some categories of jutsus. But Roku was different. He could do all of them. Probably because he had a long line of mixing jutsus and that gave him the advantage. Roku jumped high in the air, out of sight, so create his jutsu. He grabbed two kunai from out of his pocket, and tied them together with a letter bomb. Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog, Serpent! Substitution jutsu! The items immediately turned into another Roku. They slapped a high five to each other, and made their descent to the twins. The real Roku let the sub-Roku go down first, causing a distraction. The real Roku hid in a top branch in a close tree. The sub was very strong. Roku had put in some extra chakra to make sure it would last. It dodged Tomo’s kick to the head, and Tomo, too, had used himself as a cover, and Roku could now see Taro going for a stab into the sub’s gut. Ah, but the sub was much smarter than that. He twisted his arm while he was dodging the punch, and grabbed the arm with the kunai, and used its other arm to smash Taro in the face. Taro staggered back a few feet, and was breathing heavily. Tomo now, had also used this as a distraction. Roku saw him jump back and throw a shiruken, or ninja star, at the subs chest. This disturbed Roku because this meant they really did mean to harm him, to put him in the hospital even. It hit the sub smack in the chest, and it stumbled back. Perfect, thought Roku. The sub started to swell, and swell, and then, BAM! It poofed into the two kunai, and they flew out and stabbed the twins in the shoulder, and in the left side of the lower gut. They both screamed out, and staggered back. Taro was crying, and cried to Tomo, “I think… I think he hit something major, ah! It hurts..” “It’s ok, let’s get outta here. We have to get back to Palumaru anyway” Then Tomo looked around and screamed, “Roku! You better meet Palumaru at the field! He’ll kick your a**” And they shifted away.

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