• ((read discription first!!!))

    as a young sea captia, i was sometimes getting sick of the sea. so i sent a letter to my brother in alaska, to visit my kin and get myself on dry land. once i got to the little log cabin in the desolate tundra, it was a sunny but freezing tuesday afternoon. i shouldnt have worn only my jeans and a sweater. i entered my brothers log cabin, small and cozy. i went where any other man would head- the refrigerator. and on the refrigorator was a note. it said

    ive gone off to get some suplies. bielieve it or not, a grizzly bear stole and destroyed all my suplies a day ago! hold down the fort untill i get back.
    ~ dyllon.

    then, i heard a sudden pounding on the door. i suspected that it was my brother, back with supplies. "cooming!" i called, lumbering over to the door.

    i opened the door, and to my suprize and dread, there in front of me, all 400 pounds of it, was A GRIZZLY!!

    "aagh!" i yelled, frightened. i bolted away, the bear close on my heels. i ran up the stairs, cornered against the railing of the stairs. i took a drastic chance- i jumped over the rail! i landed on my feet, but i stumbled and fell, the grizzly pinning me down. he lifted his clawed paw, high in the air, ready to attack! when suddenly -- a shiny new quarter rolled out of my pocket. the mighty bear stopped, and watched it roll.

    he grumbled deep on his throght. it almost sounded like human speech... "SHIIIIIIIIIINYYYYYY...."

    he looked back at me, continuing his swipe. but he narrowly missed my legs-- and my jeans snagged on his claws, taking them clean off!
    he shook his paw, and more coins spilled out. "shiiiiiinyyyyy...." he grumbled, satisfied. he put my pants in his mouth, and started to waddle away. he walked awy out the opendoor and out into the wilderness... with my wallet still in the back pocket!

    "wait! stop! thief! my wallet!" i yelled, chaseing after the bear, still in my tidy-whitys. but he was too quick! "i need my credit card!"

    and that is how i ended up in the middle in the freezing tundra, chasing after a bear holding pants in its mouth, in my tidy-whitys.

    what. a. day.