• Fall of Atlantis

    Before the fall from grace, the city of Atlantis was a paradise. The fruits on the trees were sweet and plentiful; the fields were lush and fertile. In the nearby mountains were precious metals, and the people lived in peace and happiness. In the grand city of Poseidon, a temple was built to honor the sea god. Sculpted in blue metal, the sunlight shimmered danced on the columns and pools as it passed by. Wise kings took their rule and were content in their domain, yet too soon, this time ended.
    Corruption entered the city. Greed drove the kings to conquer distant lands. The abuse of power ran rampant as the trees were laid bare, the fields despoiled, and the mountains pillaged. The temple feel into disrepair, its wealth stripped. The ancient world was almost completely consumed; only Greece remained. Slowly, Greece was conquered, till a single city remained. It seemed Atlantis would rule forever. But the Giant fell, over stretched and overconfident in its military. Quickly, all the ancient world was freed as the terrible host was driven back. All who could joined the fight. Across the sea ran the chase. It seemed fire and blood would cover the city of the sea.
    Yet as the armies of the ancient world approached, the city vanished. Earthquake rocked their ships when the land mass disappeared. A storm arose and drove them back. Solders were lost and ships sunk. In the end, Atlantis was gone, leaving many to wonder if it was just a dream.