• Who am I?
    By: Savannah Jones

    It was dark and cold as she ran through the streets. Her heart racing at its fastest, she ran from store to store window to window staring at the unfamiliar face that looked back at her each and every time. “What’s going on,” she said softly jumping at the sound of her own voice, the voice she didn’t even know she had “WHATS GOING ON!!” She shouted to the skies; she was angry, angry at herself at the world tears began to stream down her face as the rain gently trickled down. She collapsed hit the ground hard, she couldn’t take it not knowing who she was what her purpose was or not knowing was there anything at all. Gently drifting out of consciousness she asked aloud “Who am I?”
    It was days before she came back into consciousness. She hesitantly opened her eyes ‘ggahhh’ she hissed to the stinging of the light against her. She rolled over to her stomach on the ground at least what she thought was the ground. Her eyes shot open when the screech of breaking glass hit against her ear. Looking around at her surroundings she found she was in a unfamiliar place, she searched her memories for the events of the previous night but nothing it was just blank, Why had she no memory of what happened had someone attacked her?, why wasn’t she home?, what was going on?, millions of thoughts raced through her brain at once she panicked it felt like her heart stopped dead in her chest at that very moment. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out her throat was as dry as a desert and there was a slight sting every time air passed through her nose. “Hey there ma’m is you alright?” questioned a strange voice, it was the voice of a man. She gulped down what felt like a marble and struggled to push her self up only to fall back down again.
    She was weak but still tried to push herself up just to get a glance at the person, the man the voice belonged to. “Don’t hurt yourself it already looks like you took a beatin” said the man this time he grabbed her and pushed her up to let her get a good look at him. He was tall and handsome with the palest skin and darkest hair his eyes were like little pools of green but what did he want?
    To be continued...... 4laugh