• In my room, I sat lonely, while staring at the lamppost just outside of my room. I was thinking of absolutely nothing. I was alone in the house at that time. My parents were off on a emergency meeting. They are big time business men. It was like my mind was wondering in a dark room, while I was sitting lifelessly, in my room.

    But then, I was awaken by the sound of the telephone, which was sitting right behind me. As it rang, startled, I jump off my seat. I fell on the ground, now fully alive. I stood up, as I reached out for the phone. As I answered the phone, my friend, Kim was on the other line. She sounded both surprised and scared. She also seemed to be crying.

    "Jon," she said, while she was clearly crying, "My...my...my..."
    "What?" I said, as I was concerned for Kim for she seemed troubled, "What is it?! Spit it out!"
    "My grandpa..." she said, still crying, "He's in the hospital!"
    "What!" I said surprised and, yet, curious, "How did that happen?"
    "He got hit by a car, while he was driving over at Cherry Lane." she answered, as her crying decreased.
    "And the driver?"
    "Hit and run, Jon. Nobody saw the driver behind the dark tinted windows."
    "Where are you now?"
    "Central Hospital."
    "Ten Minutes." I said, as I put down the phone, grabbed my jacket, and ran down the stairs to my bike.

    I had to get to Central Hospital to check up on Kim and her old man. Central Hospital was just a few blocks from our house.

    I reached the hospital in eight flat. I asked the receptionist on the room number of Kim's gramps. She said that he was in room 476. I directly went to the room. As I reached there, I saw that things weren't so easy for Kim. I also saw that I wasn't the only friend Kim called. Find out what happens next the next Chapter, Famous Last Words.