Quack Quack just moved to an underwater town. He is part duck and part human. He wonders why people question if an imaginary world would ever exist. He believed that it was possible. Everyone seemed to make fun of him because of his foolish ideas. He wanted to prove them wrong. He tried every day, looking for a way to get to an imaginary world. One day he stumbled upon a weird pond.

    The pond was surrounded by different colors of coral. They were blue, green, pink, red, and all the colors you could think of. He sat next to the pond skimming his hand over the pale blue water. The fish in the pond were not normal. They didn’t seem to be the colors of the fish surrounding the town; they were smaller, and seemed to have spots all over their backs. He looked at the surrounding scenery; it seemed to be a lot different from the town. He wondered why this place was like this. He wondered if it was the water that caused all of this. He wondered what would happen to him if he jumped into the water. He thought of a magical world where anything could happen. He stood back and jumped into the water. The water was as cold as ice. He looked around in the water and noticed bubbles were starting to surround him. “What’s going on?” He thought to himself. He swam to the surface as fast as he could. He was almost out of breath when he got to the surface. He climbed onto the ground choking a little. He looked around again and he noticed nothing had changed. “I guess I was wrong.” he sighed sadly.

    He dragged his feet all the way back to town. When he reached it he noticed that it was oddly quiet. No one seemed to be around, like the town had been deserted. “Hello! Is anyone here?” he yelled. No one answered. “This is very odd, what happened to everyone?”He said. He walked around some more until he noticed a couple of weird looking people. They kind of looked like giant star fish and knights. “Hello! Could you help me?” Quack Quack yelled. They turned and looked at him for a while and then started to walk towards him. When they were close enough Quack Quack said, “Do you know what happened to the people who lived in this town?” The stared at him for a moment. “What do you mean? No one has ever lived here.” One of them said. “We just stumbled into this place by accident looking for the man eating bunnies. And who are you by the way?” They continued. “Oh my name is Quack Quack and I live in this town, or used to.” He said. They spoke a little more and asked him if he wanted to accompany them back to their camp. They said they would be grateful if he helped. They would explain everything when they arrived.

    When they arrived the camp seemed to be filled with people that looked like star fish. They told him that the people who looked like star fish were wearing armor made by the star fish. Many people have had their towns attacked by man-eating bunnies. A lot managed to get away, but their towns were destroyed. We need all the help we can get if we want to stop them. We need to kill their king if we want to win, but it will be hard for they are very gruesome. Quack Quack backed up into a corner that was filled with nothing but darkness and said,” Don’t worry I will take care of everything…” He backed into the darkness and started laughing because he had done something unintentionally.

    They stared at him and had faces that were serious. They seemed like stone statues. Their faces didn’t last that long they ended up laughing super hard and fell to the ground. One person came up and said,”Oh great you can scare the bunnies to death.” They said frustrated. The men stood up and had straight faces again, but they seemed scared. This person happened to be the commander of the soldiers. He led them to the tent and talked to them for a very long time. Before I knew it I was being dressed in armor that the other soldiers were wearing. I knew that I could have a lot of fun with this. I ran around like an idiot and started hitting trees and other bushes. I turned my head, but before I could look forward again I slammed right into a tree. My face left a print so I wrote “Quack Quack was here.” On the tree bark. I looked around and noticed I was lost once again. I heard something in the bushes. It seemed to get louder and louder. I walked towards it even though in this situation I would run away. I poked the bush with my sword and heard something make a weird sound. I started running and my sword was covered in rainbow blood. “Oh my God! Look at the pretty colors.” I said suddenly drooling. I loved the colors of the rainbow; it reminded me of my favorite candy, rainbow colored chocolate. I started to drool again.

    I found my way back to the camp when one of the soldiers came up to me and said it was time to go to war. The soldier pointed to the direction I just came from. I groaned. The whole camp full of soldiers dressed in star fish armor walked through the forest. I stumbled trying to keep up. We came to an opening in the forest and there were hundreds of bunnies. They started darting at us from everywhere. Rainbow blood spilled everywhere while everyone was fighting. I built a giant net and trapped most of the bunnies. I snuck around after I caught them and went to where the king was. He was asleep, oblivious to what was happening. “Ok I guess this will be easy.” I whispered, trying to not wake him up. I silently walked over to the giant bunny and poked it a billion times just to make sure it was asleep. I took my sword, raised it above my head. WHAM! I was hit by a bunny and I went through a wall. “Ow!” I said groaning in pain. I took my sword and poked the bunny to death with it. I pulled out of my pocket a Windex bottle. I turned the tip if it so it was half way between open and closed. I sprayed the bottle on the bunny and a giant monster came out of the bottle. “I am Windextor! I will clean your soul!” The monster said. It took the bunny and vanished. “Ok that was weird.” I said. I walked out back to where the war was and all the bunnies were dead. We had won the war. They looked at me. “Hooray you have defeated the bunny king!” they shouted. We went back to their city which was rebuilt and crowned me king of the city.”This is too good to be true.” I said walking down the steps. Suddenly everything went white and then everything was clear again. I was back near the pond and many people were surrounding me. I noticed my clothes were wet. “Are you ok?” one person said. “Dangit! Just leave me alone I’ll be fine.” I said going to sleep.
    Apparently everything was a dream, But little did he know that it only disappeared when people were around him. He found this out a couple months later and never allowed anyone near him again.