• “Savanah!” Ashley says in a very impatient tone of voice.
    “Savanah…Hello is anyone there…I hate it when you think, you block everyone out…Whatever” as Ashley waited a few moments no one knew what Savanah had been thinking of, that she was so desperately wanting to know. Savanah had been thinking of when the next eclipse would be. The lunar eclipse had past and it brought with it a terrible storm that had wiped out about 100 thousand people with its combination of tornados of two hundred mile winds and hail the size of tennis balls. She had always thought that it had something to do with the sun and the moon interfering with the Earths atmosphere, since our atmosphere had been decreasing; it has already decreased about 56 percent over the 500 years. She could only help to wonder what the solar eclipse would have in store for us. And of all places we had to live in Greenland, Kansas in the middle of tornado alley. It had been 500 years since the world broke apart, we have all been living in hell ever since. The scientists say, we don’t have much longer to live, only about 20 years or so with all of the toxic waist in the oceans and no marine life and global warming doesn’t help that issue either. Only bacteria survive today along with the few humans that still live in poverty.
    “What?” asks Savanah in a very clueless manner towards Ashley.
    “Never mind.” answers Ashley.
    Sigh. “I hate it when people do that” says Savanah
    “When people do what” asks Ashley
    “When people ask you a question then you say “what” and then they say “oh never mind.”
    “That’s okay”… “So what are the plans for today?”
    “well I was thinking we could get some other people to come with us and rob a bank.” Replies Ashley.
    “Sounds good to me!” says Savanah.

    Some call this WWIII.....

    Life as we know it in 2009, will soon change.....