• tab Hi, my name is Ci-Ann Bornizer. I’m thirteen. I have a younger brother, Cadvan, he’s seven. If your short for your age, I betcha I’m shorter. Have you ever seen Thumbelina? I’m about that size, only I’m not a cartoon. Well, at least I don’t think I am…hold on!
    tab “Mom! Am I a cartoon?” I shout. I hear a laugh. Oh! How rude. Laugh at a small person! What is the world coming to…?
    tab “No, Ci-Ann. You are not a cartoon.” I hear my mom call back to me. I also hear a low chuckling. Well then, I am not a cartoon. Okay, it’s all good! Anyways, my brother is normal-sized, and that is way I say younger, not little brother.
    tab We are both seemingly young and innocent, because we’re home schooled. Yep, we are weird, but besides my shrimpiness, we are so not freaks! Call us freaks at thy own risk. DA DA DUM! Apparently I can’t be “forced the traumatic event of school,” as my mother puts in ever so kindly. Cadvan says he wants to go to school, but I doubt he actually wants to.
    tab But anyways, this is about my life as a thumb-sized girl. By the way I’m only writing this, because my mom wants me to. So I shall do it with my own flourish! (Be aware that this is challenging to write because compared to me the keyboard is really, really, big! Well compared to me, at least.)