chapter 11 - The Arcane files

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    *When John and Fenfir reached the crystal caverns through the mechanloids tunnels, John and Fenfir found a mysterious tablet, but Dalton surprised them both and Dalton was riding the Epoch, the time machine used by Chrono and his party during the crisis of Lavos. Dalton had a monster called a Behemoth, that was a lion-ish purple beast with horns and spiked mane and had surgically implanted receptacles on it to boost it's magic properties. Looked like Dalton performed surgery to it in order to make it stronger.*

    Fenfir= John, what in the hell is that thing!?

    John (wearing his Model L)= You protect that tablet! This thing is beyond your powers.

    Fenfir= John, im not leaving you.

    *Fenfir's com-link activates*

    Harpuia (radio)= Fenfir? What's going on down their?

    Fenfir= We got a critical problem! Were cornered by this guy called Dalton! Some guy John claims he's the one responsible for reviving Weil. He's got some sort of huge beast and he's going to sic'em on poor John.

    Harpuia (radio)= Fenfir, you have a vital artifact. Were going to teleport you out of their.

    Fenfir= WHAT ABOUT JOHN!?

    Harpuia (radio)= Me and Phantom will switch places with you. You and Leviathan take Roll and get that tablet to a safe place!

    Fenfir= 10-4!

    *Fenfir teleports with the tablet*

    Dalton= Oh, rats. That muscle head got away with my tablet, but at least I got you cornered John.

    *Harpuia and Phantom teleport to John's side.*

    Harpuia= John! Fenfir told me about your status.....that's not a mechanloid!

    Phantom= It's a real monster! But monsters don't exist.

    John= Tell that to him!

    Dalton= You reploids don't believe in monsters? *laughs* You must be joking. I must be off now. Behemoth, rip them to pieces for me will you?

    Behemoth= GRAWWWWWW!

    John= Careful guys, this is a magical monster. It can use magic. Stay alert. I will try to use every support spell for you guys possible.
    Here it comes!

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    *The Behemoth began to charge and jump and stomp the ground shaking the cavern and causing the debris to fall trying to shower John, Phantom, and Harpuia with rocks of crystal. John casted a super defense spell on Phantom and Harpuia by casting (Barrier). John quickly jumped in the water and firing ice projectiles at the monster.*

    John= I need you guys to stall that sucker. I need to use some time to cast some spells.

    Harpuia= What!?

    John= It's been too long before I faced these things! Their not like your mechanliods, these guys are much tougher. Don't estimate them because their alive! Ack!!

    *The Behemoth turned to John and tried to tackle him from the water, but John still had his Model L equipped and dove underneath the water and dodged the beast's horns. John water dashed towards the next spot and casted (Gravity) on the Behemoth.*

    John= Now guys! You got 30 seconds to hit that monster with everything you got!

    *John jumped out of the water and switched to this Model X and activated fourth mode and charged his cannon and fired a full devastating shot of the plasma cannon and casted (Thunder 3 ) on it. Harpuia whipped up a tornado projectile shot and Phantom gave the monster a big shot of his phantom blade. 30 seconds was up and the Behemoth got back up and gave out a nasty roar and began to cast (Ice 2 ) and it hit Harpuia.*

    John= Oh s**t! Ice, that's Harpuia's weakness.

    *John casted (Thunder 3 ) again on the monster. The Behemoth turned and tried to perform a bull tackle on John but John jumped and performed a mid air dash and landed on it's back. John jumped and switched to Model Ph and wall kicked the wall until he reached the ceiling and used the ceiling stick technique and casted (Gravity) again. The Behemoth stopped on a dime once again paralyzed.*

    John= Phantom, get Harpy out'a here. I have better chances taking it out alone.

    Harpuia= Im not leaving you!

    Phantom= Stay here, I will help him.

    Harpuia= No! I can still go at it.

    John= Damnit!

    *John charged up his plasma blaster and gave the Behemoth another shot of it. Then casted his strongest lightning magic attack, (Thunder 4) then without John expecting it, The Behemoth was dispatched. The beast collapsed and died and then faded into mana-dust.*

    (music dies down slowly)

    John= Woah!? And I thought these guys were gonna be tougher? All my MP is exhausted after that. But something doesn't seem right. What was Dalton really doing down here anyway?

    Phantom= John, that was a seriously strong magic attack combo you did. It saved our lives.

    John= I know. But I didn't expect myself to beat that thing like that. Dalton must be up to something.

    Harpuia= Anyway, this place needs investigating. *grabs his com-link* Roll, this is Harpuia.

    Roll (radio)= Have you discovered the reason and source for the maverick raids?

    Harpuia= Yes I have. Is that tablet secure?

    Roll (radio)= Yes it is.

    Harpuia= Send Fenfir bach here along with Leviathan, and prepare to transport John back.

    Roll (radio)= Yes sir.

    John= What!? But I wana stay with you.

    Harpuia= Your going back to the base. You need to guard that tablet.

    John= Well, alright.

    *John gets teleported out of the crystal caverns and Fenfir and Leviathan transport in his place.*
    *Back in the flutter*

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    Roll= John, how was the mines?

    John= You wouldn't wana guess who I just bumped into?

    Roll= Anyway, you got that tablet back from him didn't you?

    John= Yeah, but it was Dalton, I found out that he's using the Epoch again. And this isn't the only time he's ever laid his hands on it.

    Roll= Epoch?

    John= Chrono's ship. Well, was just a simple time machine, then Dalton captured his friends and modified it....and..

    Roll= It's alright. By the way, Ciel wants you to come see her when you get back.

    John= Harpy told me im not allowed to take orders from her.

    Roll= We had a talk with the mayors and Ciel seemed to be in a bit of stress lately.

    John= I know what? I can take her for a stroll in the park. Maybe I can get her to meet up with some friends when I was in the mall that day with Fenfir.

    Roll= That sounds excellent. *she smiles happily*

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    *Later that day, John had already talked to the mayors about taking Ciel for a walk and to get her to cheer up. John and Ciel were already at the mall and John had made some calls to Lan and his friends. Lan Hikari, Mayl Sakurai, Dex Oyama, & Yai Ayanokoji, received John's calls earlier that day. John, Ciel, and Roll wait outside.*

    Roll= Your inviting these kids we saved before when the Bonnes invaded West Abagale?

    John= I sure am. They may have something interesting to share with us about Abagale.

    Ciel= I sure like to meet them.

    John= Im sure you will. I like to know more about that school they attend. May help us out in this continent. I need to find out about this tablet business and find out what Wily and Dalton are up too? And I also found another of Dr. Light's old power capsules.

    Ciel= Dr. Light? Is that the person you were referring too when we first met?

    John= Yep.

    Roll= Why do you think you should get them involved?

    John= Because sometimes when adults refuse to help with particular cases and problems, I believe a heart of a kid can come in handy.

    Ciel= Well, I hope you don't get into trouble with this.

    John= Don't worry, it's not like were taking them somewhere or.....uh..never mind.

    Roll= Hey, aren't they over there? There heading this way.

    John= It's them. Good.

    Lan= John! We made it.

    John= Oh, Hi Lan.

    *The kids came as promised. They gathered together near the entrance. then later on that day....*

    John= There was a tablet me and Fenfir found in those abandon mines, I was wondering if you knew about any kind of history or legend of this continent by any chance?

    Yai= Of'course. I know allot of Abagale history.

    Ciel= Then could you describe this tablet then. *Ciel shows Yai a photo of the tablet from the mines taken from the base*

    Yai= I know that tablet, that's one of the Arcane tablets found by another legendary reploid, named Neo.

    John= Neo? I Don't think I ever heard of that guy before.

    Yai= The history and legends books said that he was a cyborg who was once a human and was transformed into a reploid cyborg which the armor that the legendary scientist Dr. Cain created originally for X.

    Mayl= I read about that too. I think it's a great novel.

    Dex= You girls sure love books. You see, I hardly pick up a book these days.

    Lan= Ha haha, the only thing you read is a comic book.

    Dex= Hey,...that wasn't funny.

    John= C'mon Lan, give the guy some slack their ok?

    Dex= Thanks John.

    Yai= This tablet was broken apart and sent to 3 different places. 1 in a mountain, 1 in a plain valley, and 1 near the ocean. But the history books and internet pages can't pinpoint the appropriate locations where they could be?

    John= May be not, but I believe my Tardis can.

    Ciel= Hey, that's a good idea.

    John= But something else has been bothering me. I seen another statue of Megaman in a forest in my direction to the power plant in some woods.

    Yai= You mean X? Where were you then?

    Roll= Perhaps I can answer that for him. I dropped him off at the eastern forest.

    John= That's it! Maybe that statue could possibly be a clue.

    Lan= My dad said he too was working with Mayors Biggs and Lucus about the tablets.

    John= Oh! Oh! I almost forgot to menson about the Model X upgrade I found in the mines. I was also curious about the power capsules as well. Dr. Light's hologram said their were 2 more capsules but he never said anything about it.

    Lan= You said you found an upgrade for that biometal?

    John= Sure did. It may help me fight those guys helping out o' Weil.

    Mayl= Well you be careful when you do ok? I tell you what. After we eat, why not go to those woods you were talking about? Maybe you may find a clue like you said John?

    Ciel= That's a great idea John. I will stay with them for awhile. You and Roll should go on without me.

    Roll= Ok. You take care of the spotters car. Were taking the Flutter. Let's go John.

    (music dies down)

    Ciel= John....please return to us safely.

    *John and Roll leaves the mall and Roll pulls out a CCunit and pops out the Flutter and takes off to the eastern forest.*
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    *When they arrived at the forest, the woods seemed calm and secure since the Dalek incident. John and Roll step out of the Flutter.*

    Roll= I never thought it would be nice in these woods? I never paid much attention to it since I landed you here that day.

    John= I was surprised too. Well, I hope Ciel will be ok with those kids.

    Roll= Im sure she will. Oh, I also managed to pack a speeder as well. *Roll pulls another CCunit and a speeder appeared.*

    John= Smart move Roll.

    Roll= Ok John, equip that Model X biometal. You said that Dr. Light's hologram told you the model X could only pick up the capsule signal right? It may lead us to another one.

    John= Ok. Here goes. *John mega merges and equips the Model X biometal*

    *John and Roll stroll around the forest looking for that sculpture he found during the Dalek crisis.*

    *Later on.....John's biometal was picking up a strange signal and it was coming from across the lake stream. John took sight of the megaman statue at once.*

    John= There it is! The signal is coming out of that direction, right into the statue.

    Roll= Ok. We will park here. Now to examine the statue. *Roll pulls out some scanning equipment and scans the statue.* Hey, this statue, looks like it's carved from stone, but it's really some sort of alloy. This could be a door or a capsule itself of some sort.

    John= Only one way to find out.

    *suddenly the statue reacts to the biometal and the statue moved like a door. It revealed a secret passage.*

    Roll= WOW! This must be it!

    John= Im going in. You better stay here ok?

    Roll= Ok.

    *John walked inside the entrance and their was a cavern with metal structure that lead to an elevator which leads to an area connected to the power plant. John walks into the elevator and goes down a few levels until it stopped.*

    (music stops)

    *John was in a metallic area full of pipes, laser and electric generators and service tunnels. John noticed there were laser surges around the area. And there were also mechanloids roaming wildly as well.*

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    John= Woah, this place looks dangerous, I suppose the Megaman biometal will lead me to the capsule.

    *John's com-link goes off*

    Roll (radio)= John, it's a vein of electric surges powering the cities and towns of Abagale. There are dangerous power feeds and surges around those feeders so you bette be extra careful.

    John= I will be careful. I will leave as soon as I find that signal.

    *John walks to the area where a wall that goes down just as the signal follows and John goes right into a place full of laser light feeders. Suddenly Jon's Model C mega merges automatically.*

    John= HEY!? I need that biometal to find that signal!

    Model C= I can also find the signal.

    John= Well....ok, but just Don't let me down ok?

    Model C= chiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    *John dashed through several surges of laser light and was able to jump over humongous pits of electric cable which was far to unsafe to tread. John with the model C jumped and landed on top of a few antennas like the street lights, and then John came across a wall full of spikes, but the model C allowed him to safely jump the 20' wall to it's top surface. John then safely avoided the mechanloids cause they were being jammed by the model C's power.*

    John= What is this?

    *John came across a long pit where they were light surges shooting from the laser barrels and it looked like it goes all the way down.*

    John= No way im going down there.

    Model C= chiiiiiiiii

    John= Hey, what are you doing, hey NO!!

    *Model C was taking control of John's body and prepared to make the hair rising drop in the laser pit. Then John with no control over his body jumped into the pit and wall dashed down very quickly with John screaming.*

    John= AHHHHHHH!! Woah Woah WOOOOOAHH!!

    *John dodged a few laser light feeds and dropped down to the pit more and further down he went. Dodging more lasers. Finally touched the bottom, the signal was getting closer too.*

    John= That was close. Hey, the signal is really strong. Hey, isn't that the capsule!?

    (music dies down)

    *John approached the capsule and the capsule activated and the hologram wasn't of Dr. Light but Dr. Cain's image. It was a bald old man with a long robe and a cane.*

    (music playing- Zero stage 1/ Megaman X 5 )Download

    Dr. Cain= You must be the new champion. You sure have an odd presence. You are a guy in a pink biometal correct? Or do you have the model X which brought you here?

    John= Yes I am. I received the X upgrade from Dr. Light's capsule from the mines.

    Dr. Cain= Oh yes. It seems. I will present you the collected Dr. Light capsule upgrades made for X during the Sigma wars. Step into the capsule and receive this upgrade for the biometal. You must change from that pink biometal for it to work.

    John= Ok. *John switches back to Model X*

    Dr. Cain= You will receive 4 powerful upgrades. The first you can perform 2 dashes in midair, second will improve your defenses, third you will slowly regenerate small amounts of energy, and last you can instantly shoot stored energy (gained from taking damage) into fully charged shots. In addition of this upgrade, this can channel through any other biometal as long as you process the model x. And I would also like for you to have this biometal as well, Model A. It is not complete but please take it. Find someone who can fix biometals. This biometal contained the spirit of a reploid named Axl. He has the unique ability to replicate the appearance and attacks of enemies, although he states himself that he can only replicate one that are at his size. Im sure you can give him a good home as well.

    John= Thanks Doc. I will take good care of it. I know a few people who can repair it. It's in good hands.

    Dr. Cain= Good lad, now step into the capsule and receive it all.

    *John steps into the capsule and blinding light surrounds John and his Fourth mode kicked in automatically and then it took a bit of a shape more of Copy X with additionally more of his appearance. John felt a metal object in his hand, it was Model A in his hand.*

    Dr. Cain= This capsule will now no longer be active. Now only 1 more capsule remains. Good luck finding it.

    *The capsule deactivates.*

    John= Alright! Another upgrade.

    *Then a floor panel appeared from a distance. John stepped on the platform and was teleported to where he first stepped into the power vein. John took the elevator back up to the surface.*

    (music slowly dies down and goes back to the theme- Faron woods)

    *John walked out from the elevator and was back in the secret cavern. John walked outside and met Roll.*

    Roll= John, you made it.

    John= It's as I predicted, their was something about that statue after all.

    Roll= And what about the last one?

    John= It never told me the last location, but I managed to get another biometal too, but it's a bit unusable at the present time.

    Roll= But you have us now. We can fix that up good will we?

    John= I bet. Now let's call Ciel and tell her the good news.

    *Roll used her com-link and called Ciel*

    Ciel (radio)= This is Ciel.

    John= Ciel, we checked out that statue. My emotions lead me right to another upgrade.

    Roll= John received another upgrade as well. There's something else as well.

    Ciel (radio)= And what would that be?

    John= There was another biometal too. But it seemed incomplete.

    Roll= An incomplete biometal?

    Ciel (radio) Once the 2 of you left, I decided to go with Lan and his friends to that school they talked about and they showed me some really interesting stuff. You better head over to West Abagale city and check it out.

    Roll= I copy that.

    John= Were coming right over.

    *broadcast ends. Roll opened the CCunit containing the speeder.*

    Roll= Hop in John. Were going back to the flutter.

    (music dies down slowly)
    *John and Roll headed back to the flutter and boarded it and then flew to the direction of West Abagale city and to the school where the Bonnes attacked before. John and Roll entered the school and walked into the office area.*

    Attendant woman= Hello, how may I help you 2?

    Roll= I am Roll and this is John, we are here to see Miss Ciel and a group of kids, one goes by the name of Lan Hikari.

    Attendant woman= Oh yes. We have been expecting you. Right this way please.

    *John and Roll were lead to the library where Ciel and the group were waiting for John and Roll to return.*
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    Lan= John, he's back.

    Ciel= I heard about the new biometal discovery.

    Mayl= You found another biometal?

    Dex= Alright John!

    Roll= But John told me the biometal is only half complete.

    John= This biometal was only half done. I Don't know why? But he said there's another power capsule and I just got this cool model X upgrade. Wanna see it!?

    Lan and friends in union= Yay!!!!

    Ciel= John! This isn't a fan club of a celebration party!

    John= Oh, C'mon Ciel. There's always time to have some bit of fun when your in the down hill....

    Roll= JOHN! pth, oh heck. Alright.

    *John equips his megaman biometal and activated the super armor form*

    Lan= Woah! sweet!

    Dex= That's rad!

    Ciel= You know what? that does remind me a bit of X's mega armor.

    John= Do you guys really have to call him X?

    Roll= John, we never knew him. He is known as X.

    Yai= You look like you Don't like his name.

    John= His name was Megaman. Well, his original name was Rock. I guess he's got a few names. Some refer to him as Rockman, and was almost named as Knuckle kid, or..

    Roll= We get it already! *GUH!*

    Mayl= Boys will be boys.

    Lan= Hey!?

    John= Alright, that's enough arguing. From all of us. Now, Ciel, what did you find out so far?

    Ciel= Well, these books and old files we been through are called "The Arcane files". This land of Abagale was the sole survivor of both the Sigma wars and the Elf wars. The legendary reploid cyborg Neo discovered a secret a century ago before the Elf wars and hid it in this very continent and the tablets are the key to opening the "chamber of cuticles". They said in this very chamber, he sealed away a weapon he stole from Dr. Weil before his sentence. It said to be a vault containing an unfinished project called "Project Haven".

    John= Well, I guess Ol' Weil had been bad before he started wearing metal underwear.

    *Dex, Lan, and Mayl snickered when John said the comment about Dr. Weil.*

    Roll= Reaaaaallllllly funny. Just don't let the 4 guardians hear you say that.

    Ciel= Alright everyone! Enough of the wisecracks.

    Dex= Oh, what about the biometal you found?

    Ciel= I will see if Doigt, Cerveau and the others could take a look at it and help me complete it. Im sure it will come in handy.

    Lan= Just how many biometals have you got so far John?

    John= Let's see....for now not including model A, I say .... 9 of them.

    Yai= And Model A will be counted as the 10th biometal. You sure have gotten a hold of allot of them.

    Roll= He sure has. And quite a few upgrades too.

    (music dies down slowly and music changes to- Suspicion/ Megaman Star Force)Download

    *Suddenly, an incoming message from the com-link on John's wrist.*

    Harpuia (radio)= John! This is Harpuia, I received a call from the beach resort that there are maverick activity. Leviathan had gone ahead and may need help. Me, Fenfir, and Phantom have our hands full up here in the mountains. Go out there and help her! You may need her matching biometal Model L if your going to help her out.

    John= Im on it!

    Harpuia (radio)= Good. Remember this is not a time to enjoy the scenery, and no involving Ciel. Got it?

    John= That's a 10 4 Harpy! Look guys, it's been fun, but duty calls. I need to help out Levy. Roll, lets go!

    Roll= Alright, let's keep in touch ok? I gotta go drop John off.

    *John and Roll run out of the library and run outside to take off by the Flutter*

    Ciel= Oh, John, please return safely.

    Lan= Im sure he will.

    Mayl= You shouldn't worry so much.

    Yai= Im sure with all of those biometals he is strong enough for those mavericks.

    Dex= Yeah! John is definitely strong since I last saw him save us from the Bonnes twice over.

    Ciel= I just Don't want to loose him....like I lost....Zero.

    (music dies down slowly)

    *John and Roll rode in the Flutter to the beach resort far South West of the land of Abagale. John was ready to help out Leviathan and possibly find another tablet piece before....they do.*