• Black clouds covered the sky, keeping out the day. The whole world was converting into nothing but shadows. Rain poured from the heavens drenching everything in it's dreariness. Seas flooded over the land. Lakes and rivers overflowed covering more of the land in water. Only the states in the middle of the country was somewhat safe from flooding, but it still rained. This was only the beginning of Hell oozing into this world.

    From the clouds a large dark object forced it's way through. The object desended quickly, crashing into an open field. In the crater that was created lay a huge black meteor covered in red glowing veins. The meteor pulsed as if it was alive. The veins brightening with the pulses but dimming as they ended. With each pulse an invisible force rippled out from it traveling across the planet. Soon, water filled the crater, slowly hiding the meteor within it from the world.

    Near the field an old grave rested, unmolested except by the rain and worms. As the first wave from the meteor passes it, the ground shook. A hole began opening up on the grave. Soon the ground gave, revealing an old worn casket underneath. The casket slowly opened. Two red eyes peering from the darkness within it. Slowly and jerkedly, the unholy being crawled from it's imprisionment out into the flooded world. Now alive once again the creature shambled towards the town of Eufaula.