• "Wait, Samina!" Cried a voice as my pony rode on faster. I pulled Vanilla to a halt, as a black pony pulled up next to mine. The tears on my face were dry, and gone. I still felt a wave of sadness as I looked at his face once more. Why he came, I did not know.
    He pulled me off the pony, and hugged me tightly.
    "You left without a goodbye. How would I live without one?" He grinned, and that made me smile.
    "I don't know." I said, and he released me from the hug.
    "Herald... I will come back to see you, if it is the last thing I do."
    "But I do not know how long that will be, so here, I have something for you."
    He took something from his pocket, and put it on my wrist, over my glove. It was a beautiful golden bracelet, which on it hung a heart-shaped diamond. I gaped at it.
    "To remember me." He whispered.
    "Herald... Its... Its..." I could not finish. I simply wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him. He kissed me back, before I pulled away.
    "You must get back, and I must continue on my journey. Herald, I'm going to come back, trust me." I whispered, as tears fell down my face. To think I did not want to do this in the first place! I thought.
    "I do trust you. Here."
    He put the Ocarina in my hand.
    "You will need it." He smiled, and his blue eyes had tears.
    "I will be safe, and so will you." I said, and mounted my pony once more. He mounted as well, and took my hand.
    "Be carefull." He whispered.He kissed my hand. His voice showed that he was hiding the tears. His pony started into a gallop.
    "Herald..." I whispered, and set Vanilla into a trot.
    "Awww, sad moment, is it?" Nemer taunted from my shoulder.
    "SHUT UP NEMER OR I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF!!" I threatened. He was making me pissed! He said it like if I was not allowed to like the prince. Like an insult, like a slap.
    "Fine fine. It was only a joke."
    "Fine joke, my eye! Make me pissed one more time, and I will be holding my treasures in you!"

    He did not talk to me for the entire time it took to get there, so I was glad. My head was filled with him. I was wondering why he was upset. Was there something he did not tell me? Or just the fact that he cared, and did not want me dead? Whatever the reason, it got me thinking.
    The temple was surrounded by towers, and ten feet high walls of stone. It was protected. There were guards at every tower, and gate. So when I got there, they stopped me.
    "Halt! No one may enter!" A harsh voice told me.
    "Its the hero of souls. Samina, of Honen forest."
    "How can I know for sure..." He asked.
    "For this; The prince has told me to come here, and this is one of the castle's ponies. The paper is there." I gave him a paper.
    "Go through, your grace." He bowed, and opened the gate. I got off Vanilla, and walked slowly to the door. There, a small pad was in the center of it. I put the stones in the right place, strength on top, wisdom to the left, courage to the right. It formed a triangle. I played the song, Herald had taught me the lyrics;

    Open thy doors to souls,
    Safe thy life from death,
    Protect thy love forever,
    Let me save thee soul.

    I walked in as the doors groaned open.
    Inside, it was a beautiful room, with blue stone walls. The floor was a dark white stone design, and there was a very small staircase in the center, of one stair, leading to a rectangular stone on top of it.
    I walked to the stone, and it was unusually dark in here. I saw, as I got closer, that the weapon the prince had told me about was sitting on the stone. I guessed I had to pull it out a bit, for the tip was placed into it.
    I stood behind it, and took the handle in my grasp. I pulled it out, and I could see nothing, there was only smoke, and a figure moving in them, reaching for the wall...
    I noticed that it looked alot like Galamore, and that he might be the force that Herald was talking about. I hissed, but he did not seem to hear me.
    Then the smoke was gone, and I felt different. I looked at myself. My arms were longer, and my hair was longer. I was taller, and I even sounded different. Nemer crawled to my shoulder.
    "Samina, you look like an adult now." He told me.
    "I do?" I was confused.
    "Yes,pay attention, Hero of Souls. It has beed ten years, the wars have started.
    "Wait wait wait wait wait. Ten years? How come?"
    "You were only ten, when you pulled the sword of Souls, correct? You were too young to be the Hero then." I saw a man wearing a white robe come out from a place I did not know.
    "I cannot leave this place, for you are only speaking with my soul. You must stop the wars, and save Hilien. Galamore has taken the weapon, to make people do as his biding. You must release all six trapped souls all over the villages surrounding Hilien. You must hurry. Herald has dashed off ten years ago, and no one has heard of him since. Hurry..." He fadded off.
    The sword was in its sheath at my back, so I pulled it out. I was taller, and this time I could lift the sword easy. How I came to have this sheild, I have no idea. I walked out of the temple.