• i screamed.

    "y-y-your a-a-an animal?!" just then a boy opened the compartment door.

    "whats wrong?!" he looked frantic. he was shorter than me, not by much, but seemed at least a year older. he had dirty blond hair that reached his shoulders, marvelous blue eyes, and a small scar underneath his right eye.

    i saw some thing scamper up his arm to rest on his shoulder. as i looked closer i saw it was a large, white mouse.

    "she's a first year" the mouse spoke! " probably surprised by her knowledge seekers transformation" he said as he looked at the floor were, what used to be a woman, was a snow leopard.

    the boy looked relived "you had us worried their, thought something might have happened to you."

    i eyed the boy suspiciously, too many weird things have been happening around here. " who are you?"

    " im sorry for barging in, my name is Alphonse, Alphonse Martelle and this" he mentioned to the mouse " is my knowledge seeker, Witker. we were in the compartment next to you so we heard you scream"

    i started to calm down a little,"well thank you for seeing if we were alright but its no big deal, im Lorelle Malloy. you can have a seat if you want"

    he smiled, i felt an all too familiar sensation go through me. "sure, thanks" he said as he walked in and sat down opposite of me. the leopard moved and jumped onto the seat on my side.

    "so your new to this school right?"