• Flashback
    "Mother! Mother?! Father?? Please it's so dark!" cries of a lonely pup were all you could here in the mist. And two gunshots, people were running here and there, grabing up their children and pets. She couldn't find anyone! So Angel let out a howl, it cracked in the air like a forest fire. Her eyes flooded and became a waterfall of tears. She had not eaten in a while, and was beginning to become dizzy. "Help" was her last word and she fell to the ground.
    End of Flashback

    "Hey you, get up! Please tell me you're not dead........Wake up!" He jabbed her with a paw.
    He poked her again
    last time
    "what?!" Angel growled
    "thank god! i thought you were dead! by the way the name's Rex so what's yours cutie?"
    Angel rolled hers eyes and tried not to bite him because of that comment, " My name is Angel, and don't call me cute or else those ears of yours are going to get bit off!"
    "fiesty, i like you!" he winked
    "ugh watever" then the flashback hit her, "oh no! sorry, but i have to go!" She turned and began to run, but was stopped by teeth gripping her tail. her head turned to see Rex.
    "hey let go!" she snarled
    "what's the rush, you want to leave me already? i don't think i'm that bad!" he muffled letting go of her tail.
    "it's none of ur bees guts!"
    "well i kno that you want to talk about it" he looked at her, his blue eyes burning into her chocolate ones.Angel couldn't help but look away. But when she did look up, he was right there in front of her. Rex placed a warm paw on her shoulder, " but if you don't, i'll be going" he took it off and began to walk away.
    Angel snorted and began in the other direction, she had to find her parents!!
    Rex couldn't help but to look back, man she was cute! he had to follow her.......

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    "where exactly is she going?" Rex said under his breath, he had been following her for at least an hour.
    my home! Angel's tail wagged as she scented her town, just a few steps more, but another scent was mixed with it......Rex! She turned to face the bushes and growled again. "I know you're there Rex, come out and play!"
    Slowly, the smokey black dog came out with his head down.
    "How did you know it was me?!" He said curiously, but instead of answering, Angel jumped at him.
    "ow!" he barked as she pinned him down.
    "why did you follow me?!"
    "well...."Angel pushed him down harder into the grass
    "answer me!"
    "maybe if you would get off...."
    "i will when you tell me!"
    "then again, i wouldn't mind staying like this for a while"
    "ugh! you're so gross" Angel hopped off and shook herself, "go away!"
    "is there something that you are hiding?"
    "no, just leave me alone, you stalker!" tears were forming in her eyes
    Rex heard her wimper, and gasped, "you're not crying are you?" then she wimpered louder.
    " what the freak! why are you crying! please stop!"
    Angel wiped her eyes with a paw and sniffed, "it's nothing really" she then began her way back to the town.
    " hey!" rex whined
    "fine, come on......"
    "awesome a trip with a cute female pup, now this is the life!!!

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