• "Talon, have you ever felt truly abandoned?" Kyle asked Talon as they walked slowly to their house. Talon thought hard.
    "No, I guess I really haven't..." Talon replied. He looked into Kyle's deep green eyes. They seemed sad.
    "Then you haven't had it that bad, Talon. You might have been lonely, but you knew that there was someone there always," Kyle said. He looked at his little brother as if he were a heavy burden. Talon froze for a moment.
    "Have you felt like that for all these years, Kyle?" Talon asked cautiously. Kyle suddenly turned his head away.
    "Yeah, I guess you could say that..." Kyle muttered. He kicked his foot back and forth slowly.
    "It must have been hard," Talon paused, "I'm sorry I was so hard on you a minute ago,"
    Kyle looked ahead a second and stopped. What lie ahead of them was a dark figure. It was tall and menacing and wore a long black cloak that touched his toes. Talon gasped at the sight of it. It glared deeply at the two of them with horrid yellow eyes.
    Then, it pulled it's huge cloak off to show faded gray jeans and a black tunic. He had short black hair. He still glared at Talon and Kyle. Talon shook furiously and hugged himself. The air suddenly felt cold and strange and kyle's expression was angry.
    "So, why would you follow me all the way out here?" Kyle asked the dark person. He bit his lip and waited for an answer, the tension rising rapidly.
    "You broke the law. Talon Clark was supposed to die in the hands of that bomb. And now, Kyle, You must pay the price along with your 'precious' little brother. Both of you must die!" The man shouted. He grabbed something from behind his back, which turned out to be a long gray and black sword. A double sided blade of terrible potential. The dark man ran swiftly at Talon first, blade ready to lodge into his skull at any time. Talon cried and screamed, but Kyle couldn't help him. Not this time, at least.
    "No! Please, take me first!" Kyle screamed. The dark man stopped. He looked at Kyle with his evil eyes.
    "I cannot, Talon needs to die now. The world needs it," The man announced and, with that, he shot towards Talon and swung his blade.
    "Please! Stop!" Kyle roared. Tears streamed down his face. He fell to his knees, not daring to look at his brother. It would be too horrible for him to watch. He would be ruined.
    Then, something amazing happened. Talon began to glow warmly. He fell to the ground with a loud thump and started to change. feathers started popping out of his shirt. The feathers turned out to be wings and the wings were large and black. The glossy new feathers flapped once and it created a huge breeze that blew Kyle back and lifted Talon into the air. Talon opened his lime green eyes that seemed to glow with the rest of his body now. Kyle blinked once and rubbed his eyes.
    "How? He can't be the guardian!" The dark man shouted at Talon. Talon shook his head, not believing he was off the ground. He began to panic when he fell to the ground, but he was just fine.
    "Wow! Wings? I have wings?!" Talon laughed. He cried in happiness. he didn't know why he was so happy. He just was and it didn't matter then. Well, until the dark man told him.
    "You're laughing because you need to get rid of all you feelings. You can't ever laugh again," The dark man's lifeless eyes made Talon realize what was going on. He was changing into what the dark man was. He would have no feeling to prevent from having sympathy towards clients. Talon was going to be a grim reaper.
    "No, please no! Talon, fight it! keep the laughter in!" Kyle screamed, but Talon couldn't hear him. He was laughing too hard to hear.
    "Only people who cheat death can become death itself. It is a great honor Talon. Embrace it and have no feeling. Keep the whole world in balance," The dark man called. Kyle shook his head furiously.
    "Shut the heck up, Connor! Stay out of this!" Kyle roared at the man. Kyle choked and ran at his brother. Kyle tackled him into the ground and shook him hard. "Snap out of it, Talon! Please!" But Talon kept laughing. He couldn't stop.
    "You can't stop him, Kyle! You should know that by now!" Connor grumbled. He sighed and added, "He will still have feelings, he just won't feel them as strongly as you do," Kyle refused to give up. He wouldn't lose his brother after all that he went through to save him. He broke eternal law! No, he couldn't give up on Talon now.
    Then, Talon stopped laughing. He lay there next to Kyle, eyes giving no emotion.
    "Kyle, I'm sorry. You should just leave me now. I'm of no use to you. I can't laugh. I can't cry. I can't even believe really. Just go," Talon replied solemnly. Tears ran a long trail down Kyl's cheeks. It was the end, but he wouldn't leave Talon. He would stay with him, no matter how frustrating he would be. Talon was still his little brother. He would be there until the absolute end. That is, Kyle's end, because Talon was unable to die.