• Every year, a child is born who carries the curse of the red-eyed wolf. These children carry a curse that brings misfortune to his family and friends. But no one shall harm the child, for whoever harms the cursed child, the curse will be transported to him.

    "Ewww!! Look at that girl!" said a girl.
    "Why does she have such cat-like ears?!" the others questioned.
    Sukira happens to be one of these cursed children, and because of that, she looks different from all the other children.

    "I think she's cute...." murmured one of the kids.
    "Well, if you like her so much, talk to her!" the kids said as they pushed her towards Sukira.
    "Wait! You..."
    Sukira had already vanished.


    "Mommy..." Sukira murmured.
    "Sukira! Were you at the main house again?! How many times have I told you never to go there?!" Sukira's mother, Naomi exclaimed.
    "Mommy, why don't you allow me to go to the main house?" Sukira asked.
    ".......because you were too perfect, me and your father thought that the other kids would be jealous." Naomi answered.
    "Is that why I look different from everyone else?"
    Naomi snapped, "Let's not talk about it anymore, just go back to bed...."

    Naomi was very disappointed after she found out she gave birth to a cursed child. Yet as any mother, Naomi tried her hardest to love Sukira no matter what.

    The next day...

    "Ex-excuse me..."
    Sukira was shocked, "...you...the girl from yesterday...."
    "My name is Kisa...."
    Naomi smiled, "Well it looks like you have a new friend Sukira! Why don't you go out and play?"
    Naomi just committed her first mistake.

    A few hours later....

    "Sukira....what's wrong?" Naomi asked.
    "IS THIS YOUR CHILD??" screamed a woman. She happened to be Kisa's mother.
    "Kisa's dead! And it's all her fault!"
    After that, Naomi never let Sukira interact with anyone else ever again.

    That night...

    "Hm? I think I heard something from mommy and daddy's bedroom..."

    "Listen..Naomi, I've met someone at work and she and her daughter needed a place to stay, and since we don't have anything else to..."
    Naomi stopped Tarou before he could continue. "Does that mean you're leaving me?!"
    Sukira didn't even stayed to listen after that.

    The next day...

    Naomi was cooking breakfast when Sukira mentioned, "Daddy's never coming back is he?"
    At that Naomi flew into a rage and slapped Sukira.
    "Stay here!! Don't even move!!"

    A few hours later, Naomi hasn't returned. Sukira decided to get up and go outside. Outside, she was surprised to see all her relatives crowded together. They all glared at her. Her relatives always seem to look at her coldly, yet now, it seemed their glare seemed much colder.

    "How could you push your own mother into the river?! You know she couldn't swim!"
    "What are you talking about?" asked the bewildered Sukira.

    They all parted into 2 lines and showed Naomi on the ground being examined by a doctor.
    "She's alright, though her brain may not remember anything and everything that ever happened."
    At that moment, Sukira's father arrived. "I've come to take Sukira with me..."
    "What?" those words seem to eternally echo inside Sukira's mind. "Mommy, will forget about me?"
    "I'll explain on the way to our new home..."

    At their new house, Sukira saw 2 people, which she guessed are her mother and sister-in-law. Naru ran and hugged Sukira. "You must be the little angel Tarou has been talking about!" Sukira murmured, "Don't touch me."

    "Sukira!" Tarou shouted as Sukira bowed low.
    "No, give her more time, I'll be in the house." Naru smiled.
    "Wait, I'll go with you." Tarou followed Naru leaving only Sukira and Sakura in the garden.

    Sakura punched Sukira, "You're the reason why daddy is so unhappy!"
    Sukira cried and fled into the forest. There she tripped and bruised her knee real bad.

    "Sakura, where's Sukira?"
    Sakura was in tears. "I'm sorry..."

    In the forest, Sukira got tired and rested near a tree. There she heard a very familiar voice.
    "Oh my! A cute little girl like you shouldn't be wandering the forest like that. Oh dear! You seem to have bruised your knee. Come by my house, I'll take care of you for awhile..."

    It was Sukira's mother!

    "Where's your mother?" Naomi asked.
    "Umm...she's sort of lost..." Sukira was in tears. "She forgot about me"
    "Well, I'm sure that wherever she is, she would be proud to have such a powerful child."
    "Powerful?" Sukira asked.
    "Remember, you can't let just anything get you down, sometimes you just have to face the challenge and keep moving forward." Naomi smiled.

    The next day, Sukira arrived back home with a smile on her face. Today is a new day.