• WWWWLykke was gambling with his life. Sure, cutting his own brake lines had seemed like a good idea an hour earlier, but now things were getting dangerous. Cliff-side drives were supposed to be relaxing. Not that he wasn't relaxed, of course. Lykke had always been a good gambler. Tonight was no different.

    WWWWHe gave a soft smile and peered out the windows of his old car. The sea, far below, was happy and calm. A menagerie of boats peacefully slid towards their destinations, hardly disturbing the water. The tranquil sky was clearly reflected by the surface. Wisps of cloud dotted the horizon. Yes, tonight was no different. His grip on the smooth steering wheel slackened.

    WWWWLykke was quite suddenly brought to attention by a terrifying cry. It was primeval and predatory, powerfully paralyzing with paranoia.

    WWWWIn the sky, flying from the west, hung a great bird, like a thing out of nightmares. Its wings stood at least thirty feet across. Powerful talons gleamed in the pale moonlight. Gold eyes shone brightly despite the darkness. The bird flew straight at Lykke's vehicle, screeching its horrible cry, greasy feathers quivering in the wind.

    WWWWLykke was no longer in control. He swerved to the left, barely dodging the bird's sharp claws, and slammed into another car. The vehicles twisted around and caused more destruction. Three others coming from behind Lykke were caught in the accident, and two of them burst into flames. Smoke poured into the air. Lykke could smell its distinct odor. The thin railing protecting travelers from the drop was torn from its mounting as the accident moved to a lower playing field. Lykke noticed with pride that his car was the only one that had not fallen.

    WWWWHis elation was short-lived. The great bird was making a second pass. This time, he was not able to maneuver out of the way. The sound of tearing metal filled the air as sharp talons pierced the sides of the car. One particularly nasty member nearly slit Lykke's side.

    WWWWThe driver screamed. It was an exceptionally high-pitched, feminine sound. One hearing it would have mistaken him for a girl. The squeal was shrill and ear-splitting. It could be heard for miles around. And yet, all it brought about was another accident.

    WWWWThe demonic avian flew out over the sea, still carrying the car in its claws. The water was as calm as it had been a scant few minutes ago. Lykke, panicking, slammed his weight against the door. The talons secured it. Lykke was not athletic in the slightest, and thus failed in his attempts to break through the windows. He was trapped.

    WWWWSuddenly, a massive harpoon shot from the water. It speared through the bird, trailing a cord down to its origin. Lykke found himself falling. His joy at being freed from the bird quickly changed to fear. Drowning was certain death. Being abducted by a monster was not.

    WWWWBy a stroke of what very well could have been luck, the car crashed front-first into a large fishing boat. The car had been a bit smashed, but Lykke was mostly unhurt. He could taste blood in his mouth, but not an excessive quantity. Still, he was safe for the moment.

    WWWWAs he surveyed the boat, he realized that it was the one that had shot the mighty bird. It was also the one that was now being pulled along after the bird, right towards the cliff.

    WWWWAmazingly, the front of the boat was curved so that it actually began to climb up the rocks, very much like a plow of sorts, as the bird pulled. Soon it had torn a path across the lowest of the roads.

    WWWWThe boat's journey was stopped when the monstrous bird finally managed to cut itself free. Unfortunately, when the pull vanished, the boat began to slide back down towards the sea. It bumped along, eventually dislodging Lykke and his car, and finally sliding into the water.

    WWWWSomehow, Lykke's car landed upright on the road. The battered gambler laughed loudly as he started up the engine and found it to be working. He was a bit crazed from the whole experience but was glad that the bird had finally left. For good, it would seem. And so Lykke started to drive. All was peaceful, like none of the night's events had ever happened.

    WWWWGoing around a turn, he tried to brake.

    WWWWLykke went screaming to his death.