• Durem: 12:45am GST
    Gaia, a fantasy world where a child’s imagination could bring things to life and then crush them back down again. It was late at night in Durem, a time where Nicolae, and the Kuro Gang celebrated dodging the many guards like those from Barton town. Late workers against the Animated were finally trudging to bed where they would wake up early in the morning to go back to orb farming, hoping one day to find out what will happen when they have sufficiently slaughtered the Animated. As they dreamed of blood only a few of the nocturnal vermin remained in the streets to hear a pleasant melody ring out like tones from a chapel.

    Stars shining bright above me, Night breezes seem to whisper I love you.

    A shadow moved in the dark silhouetted by a window a glisten of silver as the figure elegantly loaded the six shooter, she wasn’t smoking like in the animes, she was singing. A bright and high melody.

    Say nighty-night and kiss me, just hold me tight and tell me you miss me.

    She jumped up, on the edge of window sill, her flip-flops sounding out thwap-thwap as she placed each long exposed leg down on the concrete. A silver moon, a silver watch, two silver rings, four silver earrings and six silver bullets.

    Dream a little dream of me.

    The gun fired once, a splash of red, the silhouette smiled and tilted her head, the flash of the lunar hairpin in the dark and the moon disappeared from behind the clouds illuminating blue eyes, not narrowed in hatred, but in compassion.

    Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you, Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you.

    She leapt from the windowsill into the dimly moonlit interior where a vampire sat, a silver bullet in his belly, it just stung, and he could soon be healed but he wasn’t to sure. He breathed heavily, breathing was more of a habit to him, a vampire.

    But in your dreams whatever they may be, Dream a little Dream of me.

    “Why did you do this, I thought the war between us all was over?” the vampire did have a little bit of human blood on his lips, and he was planning on attacking the girl, but they do that to eat, she shot him…well, to protect herself.

    But if was almost like she’d known, she walked past him, her flip-flops making loud noise against the concrete and she place a letter in his hand. With fancy script it read “Louie” on the back was seal with “S” with two wings, one blacken and one white, on each side.

    “What is this?”

    The girl gave no reply, she just sang on, holding her gun loosely by her side and walking down the stairs he had crept up.

    Yes, dream a little dream of me.

    She walked, swaying her hips, like she was in no hurry to go anywhere despite the fact that the surprised vampire could get over the silver shock and come down after her. She had five more bullets left, and the night, although waning, was still young to her.

    49 Barton 001226 12:45pm
    The house of the Gino’s Harem was a small one, but occasionally it would be jam packed with fan girls, this was not one of those days. Only Little Miss Momo sat reading the newspaper while a girl slept on the couch. Little “z” letters were floating away from her like butterflies on the wind. Little Miss Momo was reading the newspaper through worried eyes, her green glasses shielding her vampire eyes from any sun that came in from outside.

    The sleeping girl was dress in a short pink skirt, with a much to big red shirt over it, her undershirt was a mere bra, but compared to the fashion of Gaia, that was conservative. In a large vase beside her was a giant heart shaped lollipop. She had a gold hairpin in her hair, gold earrings and a gold watch on her waist she had no shoes on her feet and the bottoms of them were dirty. She was not very lady like or elegant, sleeping like a boy sprawled out on the couch, her legs hanging down, but Miss Momo forgave her. Miss Shirahime had been absent from the Harem a long time, and then out of the blue she showed up again acting like nothing happened, dressed in the normalest way possible and a lot more carefree than she had been before.
    Most of the members ignored her but Miss Shirahime hung around anyways, Miss Momo thought that it was just because she had no where else to go. Miss Momo, though, was worried about the headline more than the sleeping girl. She made a little gasp as she read one of the names, this woke Miss Shira up, she made a noise like a Mac starting and a little heart appeared near her. She yawned loudly stretching out then finally asking Miss Momo, “What’s new bugaboo?”
    “Miss Momo is distressed by the headlines, there have been racial attacks against Vampires in Durem again, they left a message this time, but as they were all addressed to Louie, they didn’t release them to the public, no one knows what’s going on. Six people were shot, one of them a good friend of mine.

    Miss Shirahime took up her lollipop and looked at the article Miss Momo showed her, “Hmm, handsome fellow isn’t he?”

    “Miss Momo thinks so, she’s just very worried.”

    Miss Shirahime looked at Miss Momo, one of her eyes red and the other blue, she knew that Miss Momo was worried it would happened to her, as she lived in Durem and was a vampire, “Don’t worry Miss Momo I’m sure everything will be okay.”

    “Yeah, Miss Momo is sure too.” Miss Momo wasn’t sure though, she was still frowning though so Miss Shirahime pointed out the funny sketch.

    “Look they have a basic picture of her.”

    Miss Momo studied the sketch, whoever had done it was very good, the girl had cascading light hair, no facial figures were showing as no one had ever seen the woman or man’s face. She was very flat-chested whoever it was and she had only a few discerning features.

    “Why, Miss Shirahime this looks like you!” Miss Momo was actually surprised at how much the similarities were, the same figures only not.

    “Oh yes Miss Momo, I am the dreaded Full Moon.” She gave her lollipop a lick, “Watch out Miss Momo, I might get you with magic lollipop. Nah, gold’s more of my style, says here that the assaulter uses silver bullets. You know I disapprove of violence.”

    Miss Momo nodded, “Yeah, you’re right.”

    “But…if you want, when I go back home, I’ll check it out.”

    Miss Momo snapped back up, “Is Miss Shira going back to her bungalow?”

    “Yes, I feel it’s time to go back there.”

    Miss Momo didn’t want to ask, once Miss Shirahime’s home had been a glorious place, but ever since the animated….

    It was then Miss Momo realized what had been troubling Miss Shira, she had been protecting her home, protecting it without any rings. Without any violence at all, because that was how Miss Shira lived, but when Miss Momo looked up Miss Shirahime was gone.

    Outside Miss Shirahime lit a cigarette, her two toned eyes were concentrated, this person who looked like her, she would apparently have to track an old friend of hers down.

    Well, she wouldn’t call him a friend.