• Chapter Six: A New Power Begins

    The Inbreed looked at me with death in its eyes. My legs couldn’t move as the Inbreed pounced towards me. “Ai, look out!” Cai yelled.
    My legs still couldn’t budge; I closed my eyes and lifted my hands above my head. “Souls of darkness, dreaded light, freeze this demon into the stone of night!” I yelped. When I opened my eyes, I snapped my fingers, and a small light appeared on my finger tip. I looked at the Inbreed, it was turned to stone. The light started dimming. “I don’t have that much power left.” I said, turning around, and Cai was a stone statue. “What did I do?” I touched Cai’s frozen face. “I’m sorry.” I whispered.
    “You didn’t do anything wrong,” a boy’s voice said.
    I turned around.
    “You’re pretty good at incantations.” He said.
    “Who are you?” I said, as the light on my finger tip disappeared.
    “Where is my manners, my name is Donte,” he said, walking closer. “May I know your name?” he asked.
    “It’s Ai. What are you?” I asked.
    He dropped something. “I’m a wizard,” as a fire appeared on the ground. “Estela queailm.” As the fire sparked into small ember. The ember touched Cai’s stoned body, and Cai was free.
    “Ugh, my head, what happened?” Cai said, as I heard a loud thump. My guess is that Cai fell backwards.
    “You okay, Cai?” I asked.
    “Where is the Inbreed?”
    “Ai turned the Inbreed into stone, and so did you. You know, you should cover your ears when a fairy cast an incantation on fiends. Oh wait, you are one.” Donte said.
    “A wizard…I knew I smelt something foul in the air,” Cai said. “Show yourself.”
    I heard him snap his finger, a flash from a flame appeared on a torch carried by a boy with dark hair. “My, my, what a pleasant surprise,” the boy said, walking up to me, and touched my face. “What a pretty face you have.”
    My face felt hot, his finger tip felt like water touching my skin. “T...Th...Than…k...you.” I said, facing the other way. He is a smooth talker. I thought, eyeing him.
    Then I looked at Cai, he continued glaring at Donte. I thought I heard him growling too. Is he jealous? It can’t be. Can it?
    “Well shall we go to the Cave of Unity?” Donte said, passed me, and grabbed something from his pocket. It was a wand. “Entrela.” Donte said, as the wall parted.
    My mouth dropped. “How did you…” I paused.
    “Don’t tell me you believed that riddle?” Donte said, chuckling. “You are certainly a silly little fairy.”
    I looked away.
    “Come on, the other representatives must be waiting for us.” Cai said, grabbing my hand, and walked passed Donte.
    Cai stopped abruptly.
    “What’s wrong, why did you stop?” I asked.
    “We’re here,” Donte said. “Welcome to the Cave of Unity.”
    I looked around; there was a boy in armor, and a girl with a shell hairpin and a silky green summer dress.
    “Now five beings are here. We are missing the werewolf.” The boy said.
    “Shall we start without the werewolf?” The girl asked.
    Donte sat on a large boulder next to the boy, as I sat next to the girl. Cai stayed away from the rest of us, and sat on the highest boulder in the cave.
    It was awkward at first, and then the girl next to me faced me. “I’m Marina, I’m a nymph.” She said.
    “I’m Psych; I’m the student commander of squad three of the Warrior Academy.” The boy next to Donte said.
    “I’m Donte; I’m the top wizard of the Wizard Institution.” Donte said.
    “What is your name?” Marina asked, staring at Cai.
    “It’s Cai.”
    “Cai, you must be the vampire representative.” Psych said. “What is your name, fairy?”
    “My name is Ai; I’m a third year student at the Fairy Academy.”
    “A pleasure of meeting you all,” a voice said.
    I turned around to see a wolf walking towards us. “My name is Ky,” the wolf said. “I’m the leader of the Beta Moon Tribe.”
    “You are the ‘special’ werewolf, the only one that can speak without using telepathy?” Psych said, walking up to the wolf. “My head master told me about you.”
    “Indeed, your head master is the one who can communicate with animals correct?” Ky asked.
    “Excuse me,” Marina said. “I know you two want to continue your conversation, however, we need to discuss about the attacks!”
    “Yeah, what are the things that are attacking our fellow comrades?” Psych asked.
    “They are called Inbreeds, a mix breed between the five different beings,” Cai said. “Recently, a classmate of mine was murdered by one Inbreed, and another killed a fairy at the Fairy Academy.”
    “In addition, one just recently attacked us here in the secret passage,” I added. “I assume they know where we are.”
    “Is there a way to kill the Inbreeds?” Donte asked.
    “There is,” Cai said. “We need to find the Seven Crystals of Hope.”
    “What are the Seven Crystals of Hope?” Marina asked.
    Donte grabbed his wand. “When our world was formed seven crystals were created to keep the balance,” Donte pointed on the ground. “Ala te pho.” A ball of light came out of his wand and onto the ground. Its light was getting bigger, until it was a foot in diameter and showed a holographic picture of a rock. “Aqua of Destiny, Emerald of Reliability, Amber of Light, Sapphire of Trust, Ruby of Love, Amethyst of Compassion, and Citrine of Harmony. These are the Seven Crystals of Hope, once these crystals are together the balance of our world will be at peace once again.”
    “Where do we find them?” I asked.
    Donte walked up to the hologram. “I don’t know, since these crystals disappeared a long time ago, I don’t know where to search, even with my magic, I won’t be able to find them in time.” Donte said.
    All of the sudden, I heard a scratching sound. I turned around, and an Inbreed was in the Cave of Unity. “Inbreed!” I screamed.
    The Inbreed pounced towards me first. As I was about to move, Cai jumped in front of me and punched the Inbreed on the side of its face. “Cai.” I said. He grabbed my hand. “Come on, we have to get out of here!” As we ran to the other side of the cave.
    Marina and Psych were behind us, but where are Donte and Ky? I pulled my hand away from Cai, and ran back to get Donte and Ky.
    “Ai!” Cai called.
    “I’m going to get Donte and Ky,” I called back. “I will meet you guys outside!” As I ran back.
    Donte and Ky were tagged teaming the Inbreed. The Inbreed looked at me, and jumped over Donte and Ky. “Ai, look out,” Donte yelled.
    I watched as the Inbreed charged after me. I felt paralyze. Why do I feel like this, I know I’m stronger than this! I’m not weak, I know I’m strong, but why, why, why?! As I closed my eyes, something started glowing.
    My eyes shot open, I looked down, and my chest was glowing blue. “What is going on?” I said. As I felt a surge of energy flowing through my body. I closed my eyes once again, when I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by blue light. “Where am I?” I said.
    I looked and saw nothing but blue. When I looked in front of me, I saw a girl who looks exactly like me. “Who are you?” I asked.
    “You have the Sapphire of Trust, you are meant to be the strongest being in the world; trust is a powerful thing.” She smiled.
    “Huh? You didn’t answer my question.” I said.
    “First you have to say trust with your heart.” She said.
    “Trust? Wait did you say I have the Sapphire of Trust? I don’t have it with me.” I said.
    “You do, the Sapphire of Trust was with you for a very long time,” As she opened her hand, and a pendant appeared in her hand. It was a sapphire crystal attached to a silver clasp on a silver chain.
    “That’s my pendant, my mother gave it to me when I was little, but I thought I lost it.” I said, grabbing it from the girl.
    “Nope, you had it with you this whole time, but you activated the crystal’s power, so you are here to collect its power.”
    “Collect its power?” I said. “How?”
    “Say, Trust with your heart.” As the girl disappeared.
    “Wait!” I said, sighing. “Okay. Trust with your heart.” As I felt my body changing. I opened my eyes, I was in fairy form, but I was in a dark blue dress, and surrounded by a rainbow color aura. My hair was tied into a ponytail, and my legs were covered with blue and silver satin ribbons. Amazing. I thought, looking at my wings, they were silver and blue. I was speechless, I looked at the Inbreed, it looked frozen as though time stopped.
    I spread my arms. “Fire and Water hear me out, I call upon your powers, release!” As fire swirled around my left arm, and water swirled my right, I clapped my hands together, and watched the two elements dance together towards the Inbreed.