• Chapter 1

    It was the night of the full moon, and Yuki was very excited. She was finally two months old! As she waited for the leader of the pack to call her over, she wondered if Kiba was going to be there too. Suddenly a howl was heard and Yuki knew it was time.

    The forest was quiet as she walked up the small hill to the clearing where the rest of the wolves were. Then she saw the Alpha, Shadow,his black fur shining in the moonlight like the stars in the sky, as he started to walk towards her.

    "Are you ready Yuki?" he asked.

    "I think I am," Yuki replied with a respectful tone. The low chattering between the other wolves stopped when Shadow and Yuki entered the clearing.

    "Tonight is a very special night," Shadow started,"not only is it the night of the full moon, but it is time Yuki entered the pack ritual of the Full Moon Ceremony. Long ago, our ancestors started the custom of allowing two month pups to join the ritual. It is has become a right of passage, a sign that they are ready to leave the safety of their mother's den to explore the forest. Tonight Yuki will learn what her skills are and what she can do for the pack as she grows." There was a long silence after he finished. Shadow then called Yuki over to where he and the elders of the pack were. The only sound was the soft sound of Yuki's footsteps on the soft earth. She knew what was going to happen next. She was told by her father that she did not have to worry. Then after the longest time, she reached the elders and Shadow.

    She then sat down where she was directed to, an old gray wolf named Silver Fang spoke," Yuki daughter of Sora and Axel, are you ready to learn what your skills are?"

    "Yes I am ready," she replied.

    "Great, lets begin." The next thing Yuki saw was a bright flash of light.