• He smiled at her during passing period today, that gorgeous heart stopping smile, and for a second time stopped. Adam Legarillo and Melony Paton had been friends since the sixth grade, and that didn’t stop when she got a crush on him in mid October of that year, even though she thought their friendship was over. She seemed to float all the way to her Algebra class.

    “What’s the date?” asked the eighth grader sitting next to her, waking her from her thoughts.

    “It’s January 27,” she answered annoyed that the seventh grader in the class was the only one on top of things and had to help them out. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? She sighs and draws a perfect sketch of the teacher at the board.

    The bell rings signaling the end of the period and Melony collected her notes and headed to her final period: P.E. Melony ran to catch up with her best friend, Vicky Nguyen, and Adam ran to catch up with her and called her name. She turned around, smiled, waved and continued running.

    “Wait Melony,” he called. She stopped and walked next to him, something about just knowing she had his attention gave her a squeezing feeling in the pit of her stomach. “Kathy told me you thought we weren’t friends anymore,” Adam stated. Kathy Paton’s parents adopted Melony when she was in the fourth grade and people usually thought they were twins even though they didn’t even though they didn’t even look alike, Melony had blonde hair and blue eyes and Kathy had brown hair and hazel eyes.

    “I don’t remember saying that, I must have been sleep talking,” she replied.

    “We’re still friends though,” he said.

    “OK,” she answered smiling. For the rest of the day a smile was always on her face.

    When she got home she drew a picture of him. In her mind his voice was saying, ”You look so pretty today, Melony.”

    The next day Adam walked up to her with her friends. “Is Algebra hard Melony?” he asked.

    “Well not really,” she replies,” here I’ll show you some stuff… this is slope-intercept form, this is inequalities, that’s linear combinations, that’s more inequalities… the only complicated thing is graphing inequalities.”

    “Ok I have to go see the AVID teacher, see you later,” he said.

    “Bye,” I called after him.

    Melony passed through the whole day like nothing, even with two benchmarks.

    At the end of the day Adam said,” Bye Melony, by the way you look very nice today.”

    That night she drew a picture of him and her write in front of each other. “Melony, I have something to tell you…”
    …To Be Continued…