• Jessabel was a young and rather mysterious girl, she didn't have any friends but passed school. Her mother had died shortly after her birth and her father worked all the time. Life was different. Less Lively.
    Jessabel was getting ready to start her first year of highschool and she didn't really care. She wasn't one of the other girls that were excited for the last dance, she didn't plan on going either. She didn't mind that the other girls knocked her down in Gym, or the fact that the guys made fun of the way she dressed.
    A week before the last dance, it happened.

    It was a normal day for Jassabel, Get up, Brush her hair, Tease it a bit, Put her ribbon in, Get dressed, Put her shoes on, and get ready for another normal day. She didn't bother to eat breakfast. Her father got in the car and shut the door. The car purred to life.
    "Yeah, Dad?"
    "I think something is wrong.."
    "What is it Dad?"
    "Well, it's the way that you act, it isn't normal Jess."
    "You think I'm not good enough? Is that it?"
    "No Jess. It is the fact that you don't have any friends. Your just not like the others."
    "I'm just fine Dad. You need to just accept the fact that I'm different. Case Closed."
    "No, Jess. Case Not Closed."
    "If you are going to continue to argue over how un-perfect I am then maybe I will walk to school!"
    "-sigh- Jess, I didn't mean to upset you. But honestly, would it be too hard to try and make a friend?"
    "I will take it into consideration Dad. I doubt it will be a walk in the park. More like jumping over a pit of fire with fireworks strapped to my back."
    "Okay, Jess. Whatever you say. Just promise you will try."
    "Yeah, Yeah. Whatever Dad, I promise. Blah Blah."
    Jessabel got out of the car and wearily walked to the doors of Siffenesburg Junior High. She had picked out a school-girl-type outfit for school, with one of her favorite ties. She wore her high tops and her lime green knee-high socks to match her outift. She wore her hair short and teased with a few ribbons to spike up the outfit. This was a normal day for her.
    She hung out in the hallway in the corner, reading a Magna comic or drawing some charectors for her room. She sometimes tried to socialize but most of the time it was an epic fail. The times she actually had a little bit of a decent sonversation, the next day when she confronted the same person she was given the same responce, "Honestly I have no idea what you're talking about, the never happened." This made it hard for Jess.
    Jess thought hard...what if she did have the will to make a friend? That thought of confidence was overstruck by the past thought and fails of making friends. She sighed. Was there any hope?
    Just in that moment, the school doors flung open. There stood a beautiful boy in Jessabel's eyes. She had never seen such an aura of amazing beauty. He walked through the door and sat down in the corner opposite from Jessabel's corner. She looked up at him and couldn't seem to find the power to look away. He looked up and smiled. She couldn't feel her legs but she raised her hand and waved as friendly as she could manage.
    He stood up and walked over to her. Her heart raced. Was she alive? Someone from behind grabbed his shirt and turned him around. Jess found herself and used that second to slap herself and make sure she wasn't dreaming..(She had a horrible habit to drool while she slept she she really needed this precaution)..When she had realized she was awake he proceded to walk over to her and sit next to her.
    "Hello There." His Angelic voice Chimed
    He held out his perfect hand and smiled warmly.
    "I'm Koyo."
    Jess held out her hand that seemed to be ten times uglier than his angelic fingertips.
    "I'm Jessabel, Jess for short." She tried to smile but it came out a little akward.
    "You're very beautiful Jessabel." He whispered
    "Why thank you." Jess looked down as she blushed
    ~*TO BE CONTINUED!!!*~