• Seth and I sat in his room in silence, it was becoming awkward. so I decided to end it.

    "So Seth. How did you know I was going to jump out of the window?" I asked realizing that it was almost ten at night when I was going to jump, and I was pretty sure no one knew about it.

    "Well its kind of hard to explain" He responded
    "Oh my gosh! Are you like a stalker" I teased a little.
    "No. Your not worth the time for that" He teased back.
    "Hey thats not very nice" I complained
    "Who said I was nice?" Seth grinned.
    "Well that is true......... but really how did you know I was going to jump?" I asked again.

    "I didn't know" He began "I just had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen, and next thing I know is your trying to jump out of a window."
    "A bad feeling? What if your feeling was wrong? Like it was" I glared at him.
    "My feelings have never been wrong" he glared back at me
    "So your saying you have a strong intuition?" I looked away from him.
    "No." He responded "If It was just that, then I probably could ignore it" He left it at that.

    "Ignore? What do you mean?" I brought my face to meet his.
    " I get blistering headaches that drive me insane. Its impossible to ignore." He looked at me.
    "Headaches? From something your gut is telling you? I asked a little confused. "Why would you get headaches from that."
    "I don't know" He began "I get a feeling something bad is going to happen, I get a headache that wont go away, and after the bad thing that does happen the headache leaves too. Its almost as if the headache is warning me that something bad is going to happen." His expression looked tired.

    "Did you ever go see a doctor about this?" I asked a little worried for him.
    "Yeah, they say that they dont know the reason, it just happens" He frowned when he said it.
    '"Do bad things always happen when you get this feeling?" I asked
    "Yes" He responded "Thats the scary thing. I know ahead of time something bad is going to happen, and I havent been wrong yet. I always was right on the dot" He responded "Sometimes I feel I can feel the future. Its almost like I'm physic"