• Night. It creeps up silently and, before you know it, it is the end of another day. Day and night – an endless cycle of time. Night beckons man to its bed to pass time away through restful sleep, knowing nothing of the mysterious world of darkness. There is safety under the covers. Noises and strange shadows are attributed to nocturnal creatures. It is thought: the night is not the domain of humans; it is none of my concern.

    Where men feel danger, night-crawlers feel safety. As the sun closes the gate of its pen, the moon lets loose its creations on the world. At night, the imagination is free to wander, to conjure up fantastical entities, to be free and revel without inhibition under the starry sky. None are refused, be they ugly or breathtakingly beautiful, for the night makes no distinction, and masks all with shadows.

    Those who fear the night and would destroy its people are caught by the fickle night’s traps, hidden in amongst a landscape of which they are blind to. They see not a dark land of mysteries, but an imminent threat of which they know nothing of, for it is the unknown that all men fear. Men fear the unknown because it is something they do not understand, and what they cannot understand, they strive to forget or ignore, or, in their ignorance, attempt to drive it out and make false accusations.

    Hear the shriek of an owl and the soft pattering of paws on the leaf litter. Smell the fresh, crisp air sighing its way through the trees. Mayhap the faint sound of a cackling witch will reach you, or the gentle, seductive caress of a demon.

    Let your imagination run wild with the werewolves of frigid mountains and cool forests. Dive beneath a rippling ocean to swim with the mermaids. Take wing with the hunters of the night sky. Join those who dabble in arcane arts or stalk your worst nightmares.

    You are free here – free of the constraints of propriety and etiquette. Be you beggar or aristocrat, human or otherwise, it matters not. The night welcomes all.