• Timmy sat on his stool, tired from last night's party. His boss had told him earlier that if he forgets to ask someone who they are he's fired.
    "who are you today?" he asked an elderly man.
    "i fell like a dog turd sonny." He said, oddly happy about it.
    "How are you today?" He asked a little girl.
    "I'm gonna get a doll today!" she exclaimed.
    "What! you ain't getting nothin!" her father exclaimed.
    "How are you today." he asked two attractive girls that walked in. One of the girls slapped him and gave him thier phone number.
    "get away you evil scientist!" the other excliamed running off into the store.
    Now a kid walked into the store. he looked around.
    "how are you today?" he asked. The boy just walked off. Timmy got up, furious. The boy ran off but Timmy caught him.
    "How are you today?" He screamed as he pounded the little boy.
    "g-good!" The boy screamed in pain. The boss arrived.
    "you're fired!"
    "how are you today?" Timmy asked.
    "what!" Timmy punched his former boss in the nose and he fell down, out cold. Timmy ran into the daylight like a mad man.
    "how are you today!" He asked a baby. He socked the baby when it did not answer. Timmy ran up to a car.
    "how are you today!" The car didn't answer. The man inside it looked up form his paper though. Timmy punched the car angrily and the man ran him over.