• "moma" a soft wisper came out of a girls softlips. her eyes slowly opening.
    gulls could be heard now no more then a few miles away.
    "Eden" she whispered softly in the oceans breeze, no one would be able to here those words thats how soft they left her.
    her vision became obscure, hazy, unclear as she fell back into a deep sleep.
    with only a memory of the island in wich she grew.

    da da da da da. foot steps on oak wood. crash slam and crash again. doors hiting there frame fiercly. no words were said for the longest time.
    the mother shoved her child into that old wardrobe.
    "dont scream dont cry dont make a noise be more quiet then a dead man." the words she told the child went quickly and softly so only her daughter could hear.
    blankets and clothes cloths and many other items were piled on top of the small 5 year old.
    she could barely see out of them. although the war drobe was shut, she could see through a small crack in the frame.
    scrams could be heard through the walls. she shivered. the frightend mother looked frantically for some un-known item.
    the screams grew louder. the girl tried to stop shaking. the mother hid in the only place availible. she (in fetal position) sat there.
    you could see her fear. she shook,she trembled, she cried. clutching and old dull butter knife. her only comfort.
    the door began being punded. "let me in julia!!!" a male's voice screamed with fear. the mothers opened her eyes wide in suprise.
    "he's coming!!!" she heard the man from the other side scream. she shut her eyes and clutched her head. " no no no" she whispered.
    tears fell. bang! the door burst open. in flew the man burnt scard and beat into an unrecognize able figure.
    tap tap. slow but steady foot step came in. the small childs heart pounded. the womanheld the butter knife tightly in both hands.
    the male screamed shouted and tried to struggle as the murderer lift him up to his distorted feet. human goo fell to the floor.
    a mixture of melted flesh muscle bone and blood. a jaw fell to the ground waht reamaned of a skull and of him self was left on the floor to rot away.
    the murderer made his way to the wardrobe. creak creak the floor boards said as he walked that way. a heart beat faster an eye widened as it peared through the crack.
    creack creak. the girls jaw trembeled. creak creak. foot steps to the door. creak creak. trembling sweating. creak creak. just on more step. creak creak. she coward in the deepest corner.
    creak. a murderer's hand on the door.