• He glared deep in my eyes, making me feel uncomfortable as Kei tried to pull away.
    "Sadie," I pushed her behind me. "Stay behind me."
    "I feel safe," She sarcastically said.
    At that moment, I threw out my arms in front of me as the jagged smile crooked across his face.
    "Let him go." I hissed. "Tell me where my sister is."
    "She's fine." Zenin turned around. "Fine, oh fine. You know what she can do with her eyes, how she can kill out the human race and all? I think that will make her useful."
    "What?" Sadie yelled.
    "You humans think that you can do whatever you want; explore wherever. You aren't welcome to Airen-Marz, and I guess i'll have to kill off the human pet Seth too."
    "I'm not a pet, I moved here Zenin. Now let go of him."
    Zenin looked at me with his crystal-hard eyes and made a 'humph' as he turned. The small trace black mark on his left ankle was still there, just like 100 years in the past. I had not seen him since then, he has changed majorly, his blue skin lighter, his short hair longer and lighter, his eyes darker and harder...
    There was a new voice. "Zenin, hey. Are you-- Oh, Seth." She looked at me. It was Zenin's wife, Mari. Her skin was as well light purple, she had long black curls and blue eyes. Her smile was just as crooked as her husbands. "Seth, who's you're friend now?"
    "Sadie." I replied. "Leave her out of this." My arms still in front of me, I tried to charge my power, to get them away.
    "My wrist hurts!" Kei moaned. We all glared at him. "Well it does."
    In a light silence, Mari crept in. She wore a top that was purple that hooked to her collar with black sleeves and a black skirt and white petticoat under it, leggings that shone silky white with a bow on them. Her lace-up black heels made her tall, and she had a purple bow in her hair and her queen staff was tight in her fist. Her eyes shifted dark and solid, and she narrowed them to me. Her lifeless dark eyes seemed to mock me in the light. Did she still control electricity, I thought. Had she given that up?
    At that brief moment, I knew she could still read minds, because she clenched her hands together to make a fist, and the lights bursted out. Letting out a light yelp, Sadie scooted back.
    "Yes Seth, I can." Mari smirked.
    Zenin looked at Kei, and me. "What should I do with you two?" He pondered.
    "Let us go...?" Kei looked up at Zenin.
    in a sudden uproar of laughter, Zenin threw Kei down. "Let you go! On my grave young boy!"
    "Boy?" He muttered.
    "How could you even have come here?" I yelled. "You two look far from human!"
    Mari smirked as she walked in the room, the electricity beaming around her. Lights began to go out in the halls as they reappered around Mari, and she let an arm out.
    "We have ways." She smiled. "Our own ways."
    I felt a sudden shock up my spine, going through my veins. In agony, I let out a whine, and I collapsed to the ground.