• WRRRRSH! The sound of a shower faucet being turned on echoed
    throughout the hallway of a three-story plantation-style mansion.
    "Aaah," a fourteen-year-old girl sighed as she entered the steaming
    shower. "Just what I needed, a nice, warm, relaxing shower and-Yeeeah!
    Cold!" she screeched as the warm water suddenly turned ice
    cold. "William! Jacob! You are SO dead!" The girl jumped out of the
    shower and threw on her robe, her sopping wet bronwn-with-golden-bangs
    hair flowing out behind her as she ran down the hallway. She grabbed
    and ancient spear of the wall as she neared the area where her two
    younger brothers were inching away from the hot water heater. " Get
    back here, you little twerps!" the girl yelled as she charged down the
    hallway after them.
    "Ha ha! You should see the look on your face!" one of the brothers
    laughed, looking back at her. "Yikes!" he cried as his sister jabbed
    her spear at him.
    "What's the matter, Jake, you scared?" she smirked. "Don't tell me
    you can't handle my spear!" At that point, the siblings reached the
    end of the hallway.
    " Uh oh!" Jake cried as they were backed up to the wall.
    "Eh heh heh, can't we talk this out?" his twin brother said as he
    barely ducked the spear.
    "Well, Will, it's been nice knowing you," Jake sighed as he shook
    hands with Will. "Just remember all the good pranks we pulled. Sorry
    it had to end so soon."
    "Ok, are you done with your last words yet so I can kill you?"
    their sister asked, butting in. "You are? Good. Then here's for all
    those pranks you pulled-"
    "Amber! What are you doing with that spear?" their mom asked as she
    walked in to see the girl inches away from running her brothers
    " Oh, er, nothing, mom!" Amber said as she hastily hid the spear
    behind her back. "We were just trying to play a...er...game! Yeah, we
    were playing a game!"
    "Uh huh, sure, we were playing kill the younger brothers," Jake
    "Amber, what have I told you about killing your brothers?" Amber's
    mom asked.
    "But mom! They screwed up my shower again! That's the fifth time
    this week!" Amber complained. "Besides, I was following the rules. i
    wasn't going to kill them. Maybe cut off an arm or leg, rip out their
    spleen, {Anyone remember Ms. Wratchford?XD} but not kill them."
    "Sorry, no disembowling family members," her mother replied. "It's
    too hard to get blood out of the carpet."
    "Aw, man! Oh well, i guess..." Amber sighed. "I'll get you next
    time, you little twerps!" she hissed at her brothers.
    "Anyway, don't you think yu should finish your shower?" her mother
    asked. "The water should have warmed up by now. Besides, your robe's
    coming untied."
    "Oh, right! I'll go do that!" Amber cried, embarrased. Then she went back
    upstairs, after a normal Sunday morning.