• Without realizing it, Mandari had fallen into a deep sleep. Her head was spinning like a top and she struggled to open her eyes. The light brown wood ceiling started back at her, focusing and unfocusing in the light. She looked around. There was no footsteps. No weird, au natural , breakfast looming on the table. The frosty lilacs in the vases were starting to wilt.

    The raven haired teen placed a pale foot on the ground. "Junpei" she called. Nothing. "Zero?" Nothing still. Sighing a bit, she decided to explore the small cabin. She passed her dressing closet and into the kitchen. It was small and cramped, with iron and copper pots dangling from the ceiling. The pungent smell of dried lilac roots and tree barks drifting from the cupboards. She then stooped through another curtained off doorway into a bedroom. It was neatly made, with a pile of messy blankets on the floor beside it. Junpei and Zero must sleep here .

    The rooms all that that warm snuggly feel to it. Which while it used to bug Mandari to death, it now only gave her a slightly queasy feeling. The last room was a small bathroom. The tiles were a light blue, and the tub was an off white. She closed the little wooden door and started to undress. She hadn't showered since she ran away, and quite frankly she felt disgusting. Her pale hands fumbled with the knobs. The knobs squeaked and let out a rush of cold water. She winced as the icy feeling pierced her skin. Fumbling a bit more she finally adjusted to water to a hot temperature.

    She ran the small , water tortured bar of soap over her body.Trying to scrub away the past events. Scrub scrub, mentally washing out the concussion. Scrub scrub, being carried to the stupid lilac field. Scrub scrub PANG! The concussion wasn't entirely scrubbed out.
    As she scrubbed some more she tried to forget everything. But everything wasn't so easy to forget...

    Her chase to the forest
    Her meeting the sugarcoated duo

    And next would be the fact that the door to the bathroom just creaked over
    There's not enough soap in the world for this